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be quiet
Friday December 29th 2006, 7:18 am
Filed under: Deviant Dreams

“shhhh.” i tugged on your leash quietly from under my bed. i watched as you rubbed your eyes and blink at the dim hallway light glowing at the cracked bedroom door. “come on, just be quiet.”

you tip toed out of the bedroom and glanced back at the lump in the bed snoring. you knew we were going into the guest bedroom next door. you watched as i smiled back at you to turn off the hallway light and you found your place on the floor by the futon. the room was dimly lit with swaying flames from a solo candle. it wasn’t for romance or ambiance, it was merely for a non-invasive light source.

“you have to be quiet tonight. he doesn’t know you were here tonight.” you nod your head in agreement. “i know you get off on hearing us, i want you to lick his cum from my cunt.” i sit down at the edge of the futon and spread my legs wide. “clean me pet.” i whisper. “when i mean quiet, i mean the both of us, do you understand?” you nod with understanding.

you stare at the slight glisten of the cum dripping out of my cunt and slowly oozing down. it didn’t matter what you were licking out of me as long as it was my cunt your tongue was touching. you took that long big swipe to get the bulk of the cum choked down. you keep thinking every time it would get easier to lick another man’s cum from my cunt but it never does. there is always a slight gag but you have managed to conceal that for my arousal’s sake. a moan starts to stir in my throat. the stress of “being quiet” starts to race in your mind. “it’s not too loud yet” you think in your mind.

your tongue pushes inside to suck what lingers deep inside my wet cunt. “fuck,” i whisper while letting out a gasp. you know it will only get louder from this point on. you push two fingers inside my mouth as you suck and lick. your tongue moving in out as it fucks me clean. i bite down on your fingers hard stifling a loud groan. you hiss into my cunt and you can feel the chuckle in my throat. “bitch” you think. your other finger sneaks inside my cunt to search for more cum, but we both know you can’t help yourself but to feel that soft, tight cunt wrap tightly around you searching finger. my body starts to buck against your finger and now the fingers that were buried inside of my mouth have turned to your hand covering my mouth. the fast and hard breathing from my nose only implies my arousal and need to just scream. you can feel it building in my throat. one finger turns into two fingers digging my tightness. my body tenses and shakes and you know you hit that spot as your thumb glides over my clit. now three fingers and you feel that flood covering your fingers and into your palm. your hand releases my mouth, bring your finger to your mouth and let me watch you lick my cum from your fingers. my hand darts between my legs to rub my clit as i watch you slowly lick and savor my juice. you smile and your head disappears into my cunt to lick me clean.

“fuck me” i whisper.

i watch your head dart up to meet my eyes. you look surprised. “really?” you question.

“no, i wanted to see if you were paying attention.” i snicker quietly. i push my finger into your mouth as you lick it eagerly. i move my finger in and out and pull with a small pop from your lips. “no, baby, but i want you watch you jack off on to my cunt and lick it clean.”

you don’t even question my request. your hand starts to pump fast on your rigid cock. “slower” i hiss. “i know how you are baby, you cum slow for me tonight. you cum when i tell you to.”

i watch you force yourself to slow down. to make it even harder i spread my legs wide and start to rub my cunt and finger fuck myself. i watch the concentration in your eyes as you try to keep from cumming. i know it is torture for you and i have made you wait so long to cum. i take my foot and kick your balls semi-hard and you double over with your cock in hand. “mmmm you like that?” i whisper.

“yes, grace.”

“ok baby, cum for me right on my clit.”

without a second to reconsider or tell you to stop your cock head pressed against my clit and i feel your hot cum spill out and run down to my asshole. “goddamn baby,” i whisper as i rub your cum over my clit. i feel your tongue press against my asshole and move upward to lap up the warm cum. i shove my finger into your mouth again when you get to my clit. “goddamn baby.” i whisper breathless.

“come on i have to get to bed.” i slowly get up and smile down at you on your knees. “you are a good pet baby, so special. make sure you sleep under my side of the bed tonight. i don’t want him to catch you in the closet in the morning.” you nod you head as you follow behind me and take your place under the bed.

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Very hot. So many juices.

yesss i know.

Comment by Chris 12.29.06 @ 6:51 pm

Wow that was so delicious and sensual. A touch of softness. Makes me wish I was sleeping under the bed too.

the softness is due to the lack of “V” time. i guess it is my way of saying i miss him.

Comment by Pandora 12.29.06 @ 8:55 pm

fuuuuck, Grace. it hurts to read this and you know why. i followed your directions as i read it, pumping fast and then slowing down. i need to cum for you, Grace. pleeeeease, baby!

mmmm you always listen so good.

i miss you.

Comment by vslut 12.29.06 @ 9:11 pm

Its been a while . but the wait just seems to make the reading experience even better … Mmmmmm, lovely.

oh D, you keep popping in and out. i hope everything is well with you. i am glad you enjoyed this side of my brain. *bite*

Comment by Dirty Thirty 12.30.06 @ 7:31 pm

Mmmm… i could taste the soft humility all throughout… delicious… ‘be quiet’… such a turn on…


Comment by His toy 12.31.06 @ 3:07 pm

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