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back to the basics
Monday October 09th 2006, 8:13 pm
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it was morning and i was moody.

the night before, it was extremely late when E decided to get into bed next to me. i told him i wanted to take a bath before doing anything. i soak, bathe and shave. perhaps my preparing went longer then E could keep his eyes open. by the time i was dried off and in the bedroom, well he was snoring. this did not help considering he kept coming into the room while i was watching tv to taunt me and let me grind my cunt against his forearm and breaking away to say, “S is here.”


E walks in the computer room and i am snappy. he grabs my naked nipples and pulls me upward.

“get in the room,” he tells me.

my cunt twitches.

i lay on my back as he pushes his tongue into my cunt. i gasp at the sensation. it has been a while since he licked me. i laid there quiet with several gasps. i started to squirm as his persistent tongue works it way around and around my clit. when the squirming becomes too much for E to control…

“turn over and stick that ass in the air,” he barks.

he leaves the room momentarily and i sit there in anticipation.

SNAP goes the latex gloves and my cunt twitches.

DRIP goes the lube on my asshole and it glides down to my cunt as it warms up against my skin. i feel his coated finger tips rub the lube around my tight ass and he pushes in his finger. i groan.

i feel him start to push in my plug.

“loosen up that ass!” he snarls. “your ass is so fucking tight, it’s time to loosen up that ass and pussy like the slut you are. you have gone too long without being used. time to go back to basics.” he pushes in the plug with some working in. “mmmmm you are so tight. i should keep you like this, let you go without cock for a while till you beg for it, like a cock hungry whore.”

i grip the sheets and he pushes his cock into my cunt. he loops a scarf around my head to my neck. as he fucks me, he chokes me and i can feel my cunt tighten so tight around his pounding cock. the intensity is far more then usual. i constantly get so near to passing out as i slam my hand in the bed like a boxing referee counting up. he is pushing the limits more and more as he lets go and resumes his actions.

his cock pulls out of me and i feel the cool smooth head of my big dildo press inside of me. i groan as my cunt stretches around it welcoming it like a long lost friend.


“i am gonna cut you and drink the blood,” he hisses as he pinches the bottom of my ass. “right here, i wanna cut you.”

“nooo, noo,” i plea and whimper.

he pulls out the plug and pushes in a dildo into my ass. i groan as he pushes his cock back into my cunt.

so fucking full.

i feel like i am getting double fucked as he pushes his cock in, the dildo pushes against his stomach and deep inside of me. i loudly groaning as he fucks me.

“you are a tramp! a cunt!” he growls.

i tighten around him the more he talks.

“turn over!” he snaps.

i turn over and he shoves the dildo back in my cunt with his free hand covering my nose and mouth. my hand reaches his wrist as a sign to let up.

“no, no, not yet,” he slithers.

my chest starts to jerk and my eyes flutter. when i think he won’t let me free he lifts his hand. i come so hard as my body jerks and shakes. the dildos slither out of my holes. i lay there panting.

later that night i had cut myself while opening a package. i hissed with pain as E turned to the commotion. he squeezed my finger to let the bright red blood bead up on my finger tip. i almost went in to lick the wound and he beat me to it sucking the blood from my cut. he then fatherly fussed over cleaning it and bandaging it.

i wonder…

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Hot sex as usual!

The blood play is interesting. I cannot think of anything more trusting than taking someone’s blood and all their essence into yourself. Never tried it myself, only my own, but very interesting just the same.

Comment by Chris 10.09.06 @ 8:48 pm

Very, very hot lady!

Comment by Sex, Lies and Myspace 10.10.06 @ 7:19 pm

The blood thing doesn’t work for me, but the cock/dildo d.p. is something I’ve tried, and I love it too!

Comment by Cherrie 10.10.06 @ 10:09 pm

It’s all quite enticing.


Comment by Cyris Vali 10.11.06 @ 9:26 pm

life is what i do between orgasms

Comment by hardasabullet 10.12.06 @ 1:47 am

Blood needs to breath.

Your earlier mention of mounting has me envisioning naked women tied spread-eagled within square wooden frames, hung on the wall at a height that their parted thighs can be reached…

Comment by Djaevle 10.12.06 @ 10:32 am

Wow! this was so hot to read. I am so glad that we found your blog.


Comment by A Sexy Story 10.12.06 @ 9:15 pm

Another delicious entry!

Comment by Pandora 10.12.06 @ 10:13 pm

Very hot of course … Being FULL with his cock and the dildo, exactly what Orchid loves too … Wonderful.

Comment by Aragorn 10.13.06 @ 5:06 am

wow babe… you really have a wonderflu sex life….hug

Comment by Edtime Stories 10.13.06 @ 5:17 am

chris – thank and i realize my sexuality is not for everyone.

sex, lies & myspace – why thank you. *wink*

cherrie – *smile*

cyris – thank you.

hardasabullet – yes!

djaevle – i agree. that is a nice image.

a sexy story – thank you.

pandora – thank you love!

aragorn – thank you. *wink*

ed – yes, i cannot complain.

Comment by Gracie 10.13.06 @ 5:24 pm

Thats way to close to home Grace!
Fucking mouth is watering , dick is hard and now Im going to fuck and cut WInd! Man is she loving you!

Comment by Storm Rider 10.14.06 @ 7:21 am

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