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Thursday July 20th 2006, 2:49 pm
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like i said…can not think about work today. it is by luck an old friend decided to email me. he enclosed some rather delicious pictures showing me he thought of me and what that had done to him. i will say i was rather pleased with a grin. he told me of a new “toy” he is going to try out this weekend. he even showed me pictures of her and asked what i thought. she looked delicious.

our emails went back and forth nearing 50.

he wanted me to tease…since i am one to not disappoint…

when you fuck your toy..that first time when you cum. think of me.
then she can be yours after that.

in the meantime, i should have my toy this weekend… and the first time.. it will be you — and she will feel an intensity she has never before known…

after that… she is all mine… by monday, she’ll be lucky to be walking
before the weekend… do tease me… so i can unleash on the toy

as you fucking me mentally while physically fucking the
toy…delicious. that makes my cunt tingle with joy. if not making me
squirm in my chair.

fuck her hard, fuck her long. make her beg to come and make her beg
for your cum. make her crawl on all fours and keep her on her knees.
use her raw. fuck her throat and cum down it. use her cunt till she
begs for you to stop…but don’t stop. she is just that a toy…for
you. use her and all that pent up lust…fill her cunt and ass with.

i shall take her as i would you were you here
i will give her everything building inside of me

she will feel used, worn, and exhausted… a smile will come to her face when she remembers being used that badly… being raw, open, and exposed for me

there is a lot of building up to account for… and besides, toys can help you practice… before the sinful delights of the real thing are made available.. it will be you, grace, in my mind… and her body i make my own

she may become “our” toy in a sense … as you derive pleasure from knowing your instructions are being carried out …as you delight in celebrating in my thoughts of you executed on her body…
tease me… and inspire me…

now i know there has to be a wet spot in my panties.

just thinking about the naughty things you can put her through and
saying “our” toy is very gratifying to me. i do enjoy such
engagements…very much.

i want her to take every inch of you in her mouth. all the way in
gagging and tearing up. fuck her throat till it is raw. i want her
orifices hurting. make sure she keeps her tongue out the whole time
like a good toy should.

when you are on top of her fucking her stuff 3 fingers in her mouth.
when you are fucking her from behind stuff her wet panties in her
mouth and shove a fat dildo in her ass. use as much of her at the same
time as possible.

want to play harder…cover her nose and mouth when you fuck her.

want to play even harder…but your hand around her throat when you fuck her.

want to make me happy…take your lovely belt and wrap it around her
neck when you fuck her from behind. like a good toy with her reigns.

own her, make her repeat lines saying she is your slut…a good
slut…she loves to be used and fucked. make her say them to your
liking if not punish her.

make sure her body takes in every bit of your cum. do not waste it on
walls, beds, floors. she needs to have every drop in her. like a good
toy should.


indeed… she will be ours by the end of the weekend – yours and mine, grace

we will have possessed her…

and she will never forget… and by tuesday, she will be longing for more… more — though sore, bruised, pained… she will want it again… want us to take her again

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Fucking hell. Mind-blowing stuff but very horny. Grace, you sound like a wild girl. What an utterly horny conversation. Keep it coming! x

Comment by Jeremy 07.20.06 @ 3:56 pm

thank you jeremy. it was hot.

Comment by Gracie 07.20.06 @ 5:01 pm

I dont want to read it any more …. I want to fucking do it now … just the way u described …..

i want to unleash this raging dirty desire to destroy her the way my wicked mind tells me to do so ….

but u know what i am just going to calm my entire being for a while … Gracie, just the way u had suggested …. and when i return i return with a vengeance so deep within myself that she will cry …..

Comment by kindabiz 07.20.06 @ 9:35 pm

kindabiz – mmmm now you are speaking to me. i hear you. so stop talking about it and do it. i want to hear about the lusty rage that you plan to unleash.

Comment by Gracie 07.20.06 @ 9:39 pm

she will feel used, worn, and exhausted… a smile will come to her face when she remembers being used that badly…

God, I love inducing that feeling! 😉

Comment by LustDemon 07.21.06 @ 7:04 am

That was definately HOTT.. Wish I was home right now.. being a toy 🙂

Comment by Pandora 07.21.06 @ 8:31 am

lustdemon – yes, that is a wonderful feeling.

pandora – thank you. i think you would make a fun toy.

Comment by Gracie 07.21.06 @ 10:37 am

I cn smell and taste your delicious creamy has a personality…I want it…I want to make you cum….

if you want this say so…and I will write back

anon y mous

Comment by Anonymous 07.30.06 @ 8:27 pm

Very horny talk…I left an anonymous note…didn’t seem to take…would love to have further chat with you…


Comment by Ralph Turturro 07.30.06 @ 8:30 pm

I tried several time to leave comments…must be I am not making the grade…lol….would love to chat further
let me know if you are interested


Comment by Ralph Turturro 07.30.06 @ 8:33 pm

mmmi just came…thanks 🙂

you are welcome.

Comment by seriphina424 08.19.07 @ 10:20 pm

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