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Friday December 08th 2006, 1:05 am
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“i have to go away for several days,” i said with a straight face as i typing on a laptop in bed. after those words left my mouth i looked up to see the look on your face.

your eyes opened and a slight whimper was in your throat. i smiled in response and looked down at the laptop. “i have a list of things for you to do while i am gone.”

“yes, grace,” you whisper.

“i don’t want any excuses either, you do what i ask when i want it.”

“y-yes grace.”

“i fucking hate going out of town and the least you can do is make it tolerable.”

“yes, grace.”

“mmmmm, i do enjoy your unconditional obedience.”

“thank you, grace.”

i sat there typing frantically as you laid at the foot of the bed. your eyes closed as the rhythmic flutter of the keys was all you heard.

your eyes opened and it was morning. you looked up to the head of the bed and it was made. i had left and you felt a sense of anger that i did not even say goodbye nor did i even pay attention to you the night before.

“bitch,” you murmur.

you jump off the bed and pull your laptop out of the closet. you sit on the ground as you wait and wait for your email to pull up. it is not fast enough right now for you as you anticipate some kind of email from me. the inbox draws as you see one email from “grace”. your cock hardens as you click the email with the subject that reads “to do”. your eyes skim the email and as you read your lips part open as your heart races. your hand grips your cock as you go back to re-read the email, but slowly taking in each word.

i am sure you cursed me this morning as you woke up and found me gone already. i had to catch an early flight and did not want to bother with you sad eyes and whining before i left. all though i take great satisfaction in making you suffer and wait, it was one less thing i needed to deal with this morning.

i expect you to do the following at the designated times and i mean it V, don’t you fuck around. don’t think for one minute i cannot punish you from afar. i have eyes and ears and guess what baby, you are locked in like a pet. yes, you are staying at my place till i get back and there is no way for you to get out. you will even notice i even got you a water dish and food dish in the kitchen. you can find yours with a “V” on them. i didn’t want you to mistaken them for the cats’ dishes. yes baby, i am finding great amusement in this.

1. you will wear your collar at all times with nothing else on unless i tell you otherwise.

2. you will sleep in the closet at nights, the bed is for the cats.

3. you will cum when i tell you to.

4. you will be available by web cam at 9pm each night until i log off. you will wait for me if you do not see me on yet.

5. you will be available by phone at all times.

6. under no circumstance are you to leave the house.

7. under no circumstance will you allow anyone into the house, unless they have a key and gain their own entrance into the house.

8. every day you will send me a photo and email by 7am, Noon & 5pm.

9. stay off the bed, unless instructed to do so.

Tonight, expect to cut yourself for me so i can watch you bleed.

Tomorrow night, expect to hurt yourself for me so i can watch you double over in pain.

The next evening , expect to get fucked for me so i can watch my slut.

When i get back, expect to feel my rage of being gone.


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goddamn, Grace…yes…i want it…i will perform as you expect and try to exceed what you ask for, Grace.

your slut,


that is claiming a lot there pet.

Comment by vslut 12.08.06 @ 3:27 am

Oooo… yes indeed! The best part was the last sentence, “When i get back, expect to feel my rage of being gone”. wickedly good

mmmm yes, good find pan. that is my favorite part.

Comment by Pandora 12.08.06 @ 5:42 am

Strict mistress. Control over distance. I like it.


Comment by Chris 12.08.06 @ 11:41 pm

Oh I love the new banner!

thank you. you know me though…it will change again. i was testing something out. *smile*

Comment by seductivepandora 12.09.06 @ 3:16 am

good god Grace, jesus… those rules are so fucking hot… lucky v…

yeah? why, thank you. that makes me smile hearing it from you then.

Comment by His toy 12.09.06 @ 3:41 pm

uh huh…i am


Comment by vslut 12.09.06 @ 3:42 pm

Can he really hurt himself for you? That is the hardest part of the list to follow, no. 9. Inquiring minds want to know.

my dear, i have seen it with my own eyes at my request. he will answer to it…huh V?

he likes sleeping under my bed…or in the closet. anywhere near me is good enough for him.

Comment by Liras 12.10.06 @ 7:51 pm

yes, Grace…i do hurt myself for you…just today, although you didn’t get to see it. i stood in the shower with the water pouring down on me. i held my stiffening cock against my belly, out of the the way, raised my hand and hit my balls for you. i doubled over. my cock got harder. i heard you in my head – “again, whore”. and i heard you three more times after that. yes, they still ache, but the pain reminds me of you. and i think that’s what you want.

your slut,


such a good boy.

(you see, he likes that. he likes it when i scratch his head. it makes his cock twitch.)

Comment by vslut 12.10.06 @ 8:43 pm

I see. No more questions!


Comment by Liras 12.11.06 @ 5:09 pm

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