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Awaken the Monster
Thursday June 30th 2011, 9:13 pm
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He is normally not very aggressive unless encouraged but something was different this morning as he pushed his hand into my hair and pulled me against him. He moved my head so his mouth was right next to my ear and he opened his mouth. He didn’t say a word and I knew. My mouth gaped open as my skin crawled with bumps hearing him breath slowly in and out. My left hand wrapped around his cock. My ass started to press against the tip of his cock.

Arms wrapped around me, fingers pulled at my nipples till I squirmed and cried out. I could feel wetness dripping from my cunt to my thighs. The more I felt his hard cock, the more I wanted it inside me. The more pain he inflicted upon me the more I felt a balance inside my mind. It’s like the first sip of alcohol or the first drag from a cigarette. It’s a mental release.

Give me more.

His body shifted till I lied there on my back and he towered pushing his hand between my legs.

It hovered.

I sucked in a breath of air.

Suddenly he spanked my cunt and I yelped with surprise and arousal. He spanked my cunt till I came against the flat of his hand.

His finger slid through my soaked slit flicking my hard clit. His fingers slowly trailed to my opening.

My mouth opened with a gasp.


Slowly he pushed in two fingers.

He fingered my cunt till I came against his fingertips.

“Yyyessss,” he hissed as I came in floods soaking his fingers and my thighs to my ass.
I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted his cock in me.

“Fuck me,” I said with lustful abandon.

I turned over pushing my ass in the air to him with my head buried in the pillow. His hands greeted my ass and then I felt the tip of his cock trace its way to my drenched cunt. It was a tease. He wanted to see how long I could go with him slowly inching himself inside me. I dare not push back against him but I was greedy.

I wanted him to invade me.

Without warning he thrust his whole length inside me. My head threw back with a grunt coming from the depths of my throat. His grip tightened into my flesh as he fucked me slow, hard and deep.

He knows what makes me come when he fucks me from behind. He slowly pulls part way out with short and intense strokes. His cock rubbing my g-spot just right that I freeze up and shudder as I come violently against him. It causes me to push back against him hard and fuck him hard and steady.

The grip on my ass tightens more. He is near coming.

“Come in me,” I spit out.

“Come in me,” I beg.

I’m a broken record till his nails dig into my flesh and he comes violently inside me. When he comes, I come. We both grunt and moan. We are locked in lust together till his cock slowly slides out and softens.

He fell to the bed. I am panting and trying to catch my breath as my hands are still in a tight ball grip of the sheets. My brain tells my hands to let go and slowly, so slowly my fingers respond letting go. The sweat is pouring over my face and I look at him with his eyes closed.

I smile.

I love mornings with him.

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this is a beautiful story, I’m so excited

Comment by european sex 07.01.11 @ 4:36 am

Thank you, european sex.

Comment by Dark Gracie ® 07.01.11 @ 10:59 am

Greed is good. 😉

Comment by X 07.01.11 @ 12:18 pm

X, yes.

Comment by Dark Gracie ® 07.02.11 @ 11:13 pm

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