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Wednesday February 22nd 2012, 10:27 pm
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Tony is new.

Tony is amazing.

Tony likes to keep me aroused.

He knows I’m aural and while I was driving into the office he sent me an audio file. It’s like having a present that you can’t open till Christmas. I watched the clock all day. I’m anxious and I know very well that I can’t just sneak a listen at it because I’m afraid of the response I will have. I can come from sound without even touching myself. How many can truly say that?

Finally, I’m home after the office, after the drive, after dinner…fuck really life? I strip with my phone in tow. I’m determined to hear this and I have only a slight idea what this is. I had instructed him to masturbate till he was about to come and then stop. What you don’t know is I have been tormenting him for days so just touching his cock at this point was going to give him a near orgasm.

I load the audio, it’s twenty seconds long and I grin. That meant he could only masturbate for twenty seconds before he felt he was going to orgasm. Yes, I’m proud of my efforts with him.

This is what I wrote to him after I listened to his audio:

Lying in my room with all the lights off. This heightens what I hear and feel. I listen to your audio the first time. My right hand plays with my nipple with the occasional grope. By the end I’m wet.

Second time I focus; your breathing, the urgency, the rush of your hand stroking your cock. My hand ends up between my legs. I want it to be your hand.

Third time, my lips are parted; my breathing almost in sync with yours. The slick wetness is coated on my fingertips that I envision are your fingertips as you rub my clit.

Fourth time; I’m climbing and I have your timing down. I want your fingers inside me. I want to come with you. I want to hear you come. My urgency climbs and I come when the audio ends.

Thank you for indulging me. It was really a very pleasant surprise.

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Dark Gracie,
All I can say about this delightful, eroticly fiendish story of yours sound like one of my wet dreams cum true 😉 you definitely are a very talented and salaciously naughty Mistress you are when you put your words on paper.

Please keep the wonderful adventures cumming

Comment by Manuel 02.22.12 @ 10:55 pm

Manuel, thank you kindly.

Comment by Dark Gracie ® 02.23.12 @ 9:47 am

A terrific idea and such an erotic response to him.
But you know what I’m thinking…. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you made a recording of your orgasm and shared it with us??

Comment by Jim 02.23.12 @ 7:40 pm

Jim, Hm. I will have to think about that one. I have been getting asked more and more for this.

Comment by Dark Gracie ® 02.27.12 @ 3:44 pm

it could include a play by play description of what’s happening and/or verbal instructions for what you want your listeners to do and/or think about as they listen.

If I was Tony, I would have been tempted to call you live. Make you squirm at the Office, see if I could get you to sneak in to the loo for a quick play.

Comment by Shygeek 02.27.12 @ 6:21 pm

Evil. I need aural.

Comment by X 04.27.12 @ 10:52 pm

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