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anticipation to filth
Tuesday January 02nd 2007, 2:02 am
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it is my last night during my time off to “stay up all night”. i thought being away from work would give me this abundance of free time to write pure filth. yet, it barely left me time to sleep at times. so, when i had some “me” time it was spent catching up on some beauty sleep. after christmas the sex got a lot more frequent (thank you very much). it is strange how quickly the holidays were here and now gone. i always want to sit back and enjoy it and i don’t seem to ever really get to do that. perhaps a sad truth to getting older and i don’t even have kids dammit. i remember vividly and consciously telling myself to slow down and enjoy my time away from work, commuting and stupid people, yet the “powers that be” felt otherwise.

of course you don’t really care about all that don’t you?

i didn’t think so.

you want grace to describe some wild fuck scene to get your jollys off. i was just emailing my darling O the other night explaining to her how i did not want to sound like a broken record on here and that was for my sake. how many times can i write how i got fucked, fingered or choked?

i even remember the lovely Pan on her old blog talking about going down a new path in writing on her blog. i can now understand all of this. there are these times when i just want to stop writing on here because i am far too busy, etc. etc. however, i get these random comments that make me smile and want to continue writing. then it comes down to, am i writing on here for me as i claim or for the reader? perhaps it is mutual. i dunno.

so, by this time i am sure those that read this blog have completely moved on to the next RSS feed because i have potentially ruined the “foreplay” or “hardon” of anticipation of reading such filth. but, the malicious part of me will now grace you with some filth. yeah, i am a bitch but you already knew that.

the other night E was patiently waiting for me to get out of the bath tub because he wanted me to come to bed in a g string so he could molest me. i tend to take much too long while i shave and primp. by the time i was dried off his eyes were closed. yet, i still pulled up the g string and slipped into bed.

he woke me up in the morning with kneading grips on my breasts and pushing my arms above my head. as he pulled upward to hover over me and shuffled his way between my legs, i cannot express how much i love him shoving my legs apart to accommodate him. i was too tired to fight him so i willingly let him have his way with me like a rag doll. he pushed my panties to the side and started to push himself inside of me. again, him forcing his cock inside of my not so ready cunt is so arousing to me. his fingers spreading my lips for him as he tries to work himself inside of me. i closed my eyes and felt him grind his way into my tightness. slowly i yielded to him and slowly i was getting wet. my legs wrapped around him and he kept my arms pinned above my head.

i cannot remember the last time he fucked me missionary and it seems almost touching till he pulled out to flip me over on to my stomach with my ass in the air. he pushed back inside of me and gripped my hips pulling me on to his cock. he would spread my ass open and i was getting off on the thought of him just staring at my asshole. i always wonder what goes on in his mind while he stares. i will have to ask him when i next talk to him. i pushed my head into the bed as he burrowed inside of me. i thought for a moment if he was going to cum inside of me. then i thought about him pulling out and cumming on my asshole with his cock pressed hard against it.

breathlessly i blurt out, “spit on my ass”.

he knows what i want and he pulls my ass wide, i hear him spit and feel the cold wetness hit me square on my asshole. my head flings back and i grip the bed. i don’t know why i get off on this, but i do. i am not sure if i asked for it again or he decided to feed my arousal, but he did it again and i couldn’t get enough of this. i buck against his cock and i want him to penetrate me in such a way that i want to hurt. he pulls his cock out of me and replaces it with his fingers.

“fuck you are tight” as he works in two fingers and then three. i thought him fucking me like that would have loosened me to some degree and this was not the case. i could feel him working and finding my spot. his talents for finger fucking me are sometimes desired more then his cock. to me it seems naughtier when a man is sinking his hungry fingers inside of me then his cock. i cannot explain why this is in my deviant mind. i just know what i like. my eyes tightly shut and my body shakes as i feel it peaking. my breath gets ragged and my grip on the bed has not let up. it is in my throat and i let out a scream as my body floods with this colorful wave of lust. when he pulls out of my wetness my body is limp and falls to the bed.

i laid there panting trying to catch my breath. there is something so satisfying about getting laid to exhaustion.

but that satisfaction doesn’t last too long. i always want more.

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I’m not sure if you just made or ruined my morning.

Little bites…

hmmmmm how would i ruin your morning rae? i certainly hope i did not ruin unless you speak of that sudden need to masturbate in which i would think that would be a “good” thing.

*big bites*

Comment by Rae 01.02.07 @ 5:28 am

Its the new year and I am pondering over my new year resolutions. To be or not to be. More importantly, do I walk away from the delicious filth that I like so much or stick around and bake myself in it… decisions..decisions…decisions…. I think I’ll break soon… Well thats the usual routine…

my dear brian,

i don’t believe in new year resolutions. i would think a majority of the time they fall at the waist side. why live in guilt and shame? life it soo short for that. it is ok to like what one likes as long as you keep a level head about it. you will just drive yourself crazy trying to push it away and trick yourself into thinking you “don’t” want to enjoy those things.

Comment by brianfox 01.02.07 @ 6:37 am

Only a great writer can start out writing about her uninspired rut and then follow it with a great piece of inspired writing. So, when you have truly lost all inspiration to write, take some time off, we will miss you, but I’m sure you will return with a mighty vengeance. While we all really enjoy getting our jollys off to your tales (this tale will definitely get mine off). Your persona is what makes the stories great. You may feel exhausted of writing now…but soon you’ll want more

well TF i think that was a very nice what you had to say. all though i don’t fit in the “great writer” category by all means. i know there will be inspiration. it is just not always for THIS blog. *wink*

Comment by The Fury 01.02.07 @ 7:12 pm

oh yes Gracie, writing takes a mind of its own. Writing for me releases me but it is very much mutual. I write for my readers as well as i do for myself. this piece has come off differently. It is wonderfully exquisite as it identifies your inner being more than anything i have read from you before. it is beautiful. As are you my doll.

thank you sweet, sweet Pan who i just want to bite to pieces.

Comment by Pandora 01.02.07 @ 11:23 pm

It is the ebb and flow of life. You can tell a writers mood at times. It is exciting to see when they get “new” motivation, there is an electricity that comes across. Just go with the flow. Maybe do some exploring. *wink*

hmmm i am afraid if i do some exploring that will just lead to more potentional physical danger for myself. i am not sure if i want to go there, not now, not yet.

Comment by Wild One 01.03.07 @ 9:19 am

Theres the sudden need to masturbate and being unable to do so.

That ruins my morning sometimes, why do I always read your blog in the morning, why?!

HA HA! awww poor rae. hey that is your fault for reading me first thing in the morning you horny slut you. eh, i am right there with you. especially if i read something that makes me go to work wet and leaves me aching all damn day long. days like that tend to leave me masturbating in the bathroom.

Comment by Rae 01.03.07 @ 11:36 am

I understand what you are saying about repeating yourself in your blog. I often feel that my sex posts are tediously identical. But ultimately, I write them because I like to; I share them because I want to. So I don’t stop. And I don’t want you to stop either. They are still very arousing.

thank you chris, i appreciate that. i think we know what we write about but we as readers, read so much that things may not sound repetative as we the writers think.

Comment by Chris 01.03.07 @ 8:48 pm

Every thursday I cross my fingers for an hnt….

naughty girl. you should know better for me to follow some silly “thing” i do my own HNT’s when i feel like it.


but, don’t get me wrong, i enjoy looking at everyone else’s HNT’s. go ahead say it, i’m a bitch. *laughing*

Comment by Rae 01.04.07 @ 8:54 am

I came here under recommendation from O of eros logs and I’m so glad I did! You write beautifully Grace. I’m so happy to have found you.

It is hard to write when you feel like others have a certain expectation of you. I understand this well. I think that underneath every reason I write is the fact that He loves to read it. I’m sure it is the same for you. As long as he loves to read you then there is always a reason to continue to write filth. The reward is turning him on. What a great reward that is! That you are pleasing others in the process is just an added bonus.

Much love to you both.



thank you so much for stopping by. i have come across your blog in the past. i will have to sit and actually poke around when i have a moment. i also appreciate the kind words. i know if you talk with O, then you are good people because i have the utmost admiration for O.


you speak of a He above. well which He do you speak of? *wink* E rarely reads the blog. however, when he does he has admitted to me he looked down and saw he was jacking off to my words. so, i understand what you saying.

thank you and i send you *bites* back.


Comment by Desire X 01.04.07 @ 6:08 pm

a little philosophy with our naughty tale – yum!

if you think you record is skipping, i hear a new tune with each jump. i do enjoy playing in your playground gracie.

thank you W.

i appreciate your words. *wink*

i see you have been doing some naughty stuff with Bad Bad Girl. naughty woody.

Comment by woodinhand 01.04.07 @ 9:30 pm

Gracie, don’t be afraid to be real on your blog. I have no problem with getting to know you better outside the bedroom. But then you are so talented at describing what goes in it! The thought of fingers being even hotter than a cock inside you is interesting, but I can see why you might think so!

oh cherrie you are a hoot. thank you.

the invasiveness of a some fingers inside of me just seems so naughty and wrong. damn just thinking about it…


Comment by Cherrie 01.04.07 @ 10:43 pm

” how many times can i write how i got fucked, fingered or choked ? ”

how true those words ring in y mind !!! this piece of writing has really banged some sense of all the things we all do in our life !
And I know for sure, that you do have an excellent life which all of us would love to share and know all about !

to me u are a wonderful woman, who has a mind to speak out its desire whether in the bedroom or out of it. On both cases, I know for certain that it would always be a pleasure to know all about it !!

thank you kinda you are “kind” *wink*

i am not sure if i really want to share what happens outside of the bedroom, just yet. that is another can of worm.


Comment by kindabiz 01.05.07 @ 12:36 am

Gracie- sometimes there is nothing to say. So, do not talk. Other times, you are warbling sweetly, as the birds do in the pre-dawn hours. Then, speak.

It is hard not to be repetitive, just as it is hard to simply stay on one track.

We will ride along with you and see what happens.

thank you liras. as always you put words together so beautifully.

Comment by Liras 01.05.07 @ 10:06 am

Fine, then I demand a fucking picture. Bitch.

such a pushy girl! you will get your picture, soon enough.

Comment by Rae 01.05.07 @ 6:10 pm

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