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anal play/sex for beginners
Friday February 19th 2010, 8:20 pm
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i was getting a few questions on anal play/sex since posting my latest sex toy i am reviewing: Sidekick Silicone Anal Plug on Twitter earlier this evening. this made me decide on writing a quick post on anal play for beginners.

first off, this is my take on anal play/sex and it works for me. this may or may not work for everyone so do not hold me accountable if you experience pain or have an unpleasant experience.

the most important thing to remember if you are a guy or gal, about to impale your partner with your penis or toy that the vagina and butt are two different orifices. this means you do not ram your penis or toy into a butt as if it were a vagina. this is a big no-no.

i don’t mean to be graphic or gross but you should remember the pain you can feel when going #2 and this pretty much the same for anal play/sex.

patience is very key when it comes to the butt and it helps tremendously if your partner is highly aroused. in the heat of the moment your partner is more relaxed and not tensing up at the thought of their butt about to be stretched. another key element is lube if she does not get super wet like some of us gifted females.

if your partner has never done anal play it’s probably best to start with a finger and move on to a beginner’s anal plug. slow and steady is the best way to go and i mean slow boys. at this point it’s best to listen to her and let her tell you if you should push in more of the toy. the key here is only pushing the toy in baby steps because easing it all the way in is not a good idea and can hurt her a lot, this would be the same for a penis. it’s best for her to make sure to breathe steadily and again not tense up. breathing out as the toy/penis slowly goes inside in stages is probably the best.

i have found with my experience is using the beginner’s plug daily for several days and when it goes in easily, it’s time to move up in the toy size. with the ass, the less you use it then you lose it. i know i haven’t done any anal play/sex in a long while and i have to start over with the gradual working up to a penis.

what are the benefits of a toy or penis in the ass? i enjoy the fullness and the pressure it causes if i have a toy in me and a cock in the vagina. some women are able to have a g-spot orgasm when receiving anal sex. it all depends on the angle and the penis for this benefit.

i hope that helps, if you have more questions you know where to find me.

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This is good advice, particularly since people often rush into anal play and get discouraged!

Comment by ryanstgermain 02.20.10 @ 10:04 am

I agree, Gracie, slow and steady as she goes is the key. It has taken me years to be turned on by anal play.

For me it still is not so much about the physical pleasure as the mental/emotional thrill of being dominated/violated. Although I will say I have begun lately to enjoy the physical plesure of a cock in my vagina and a toy/finger in my ass.

Comment by Mimi 02.20.10 @ 11:40 am

@Ryan thank you. even E had to be slowed down during anal sex. sometimes i had to grit my teeth and take it and that’s not fun but in the heat of the moment i really wasn’t complaining.

@Mimi i do see it has a slight domination but these days it’s more of i am doing something naughty or filthy. i haven’t dabbled too much in the BDSM thing. i think i am realizing i am into pain, my way.

Comment by Gracie 02.20.10 @ 12:12 pm

I love anal play. I always, and I mean always, need lube. The ass does not self-lubricate like a pussy. B will tell me to clean out when he knows he wants it ahead of time – enema, in other words. Learning to not tense is important and easing open starting with 1 finger, then 2, then 3… only then am I really ready for his big cock. But I do love it.

Comment by jrm 02.20.10 @ 12:21 pm

@jrm ok now i am getting all worked up thinking about anal play. i don’t always need lube because i get so wet that it goes to my ass. makes life easier when aroused.

Comment by Gracie 02.20.10 @ 12:27 pm

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