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an evil awakening
Tuesday May 01st 2007, 9:56 pm
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-dedicated to Evil Dodger

you may wonder how gracie became the dark sexual deviant you all know so well.

i have to admit it did in fact start when i was 16 when i was fully sexually active and it is due to the Evil man himself. he knew very well i was jail bait but it really didn’t take much to convince him to defile me. he and i were partaking in the devil’s juice and do not mean his sperm. i was sitting across his lap with my mouth pressed up against his hot red ear telling him how badly i wanted that hardon he had pressing against my ass inside of me. i swear i will never forget that twitch i felt beneath me when i whispered those words in his ear. he let out a growl from between those lips of his. before i knew it i was in a whirl of red and black as he perched himself between my legs hovering over me searching for the need in my eyes. i grabbed his muscular shoulders and pulled my face close to his, “fuck me Evil, come on make me a woman,” i snarled with a wicked grin. his mouth turned into a grin as he didn’t have to think twice about plunging his rather extremely large cock inside of my virgin slit. i screamed with pain and shock at his very beastly thrusts in and out of me. my whimpering only made it that much better for my dear Evil. feeling him inside of me, his heat, made my mind warm and darken at the same time.

as he was pummeling me into womanhood i felt a transformation. with the pain i felt a flutter and rush of excitement. my body started to push against this thrusts and i couldn’t get enough of his invasive cock. my nails dug deep into his hot flesh as he hissed when that started to drag down his back. this only caused his advances even more forceful upon me. i wanted the pain he was dishing to me and i wanted to give him a bit of his own medicine as i bit at the flesh that neared my mouth. my whimpering was long gone and replaced with panting and grunts. i spewed words of filth into the air around us and it caused my dear Evil to howl like the beast he truly was.

i felt myself starting to fly and shake, my nails dug deeper into this thick sin as i clung to him. he moved his face to stare me deep in my widening eyes. “come on gracie, cum for me, i wanna be your first fucking orgasm,” he spewed. his eyes narrowed as he gave me one final hard thrust and emptied his evil seed deep within me as i screamed baring my teeth at the dark one. he laughed as i shuddered beneath his searing mass of flesh.

i laid there catching a breath of cool air. Evil rolled beside me and glanced at me. “you should be more careful about what you ask for dear gracie.” i started laughing and glared back at him, “oh Evil i knew exactly what i wanted from you. next time you get my ass.” his eyes grew big and he let out a very excited, “WooHOO!”

oh come on guys you know this is a lie right? *evil grin* but i had fun thinking about Evil breaking in the “innocent” gracie.

To Evil…yeah i could not squeeze in the farmer’s daughter. maybe next time. *bite*

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Oh this was fun. That Evil… whew! he is such a man!

Comment by Mina 05.02.07 @ 7:46 am

That is a great tribute and I do hope The Evil One thanks you properly. 😉

Comment by TeacherInHeels 05.02.07 @ 8:47 am

OhEvilOne is amazing indeed and what a smashing tribute!

Comment by The Teacher 05.02.07 @ 11:13 am

There you go again, just exploding with nastiness.


Comment by Liras 05.02.07 @ 11:32 am

Hot Daaaamn woman!! You made Evil wanna do it all over again, WHooHoOOOoo!! Sweet young learner’s permit jailbait ass! You forgot to mention that all of that happened in English class, right the freak in front of everyone! *snarl*

Comment by EvilDodger 05.03.07 @ 1:04 am

damn damn damn — you did it now gracie lol, very well written,
got me going to say the least–mission accomplished lol have a great one d.

Comment by david 05.03.07 @ 12:02 pm

Good one Gracie … I really think Evil was easy on you though.

Comment by George 05.03.07 @ 5:08 pm

why is it every time i read you, i get inspired? (wishful grin)

Comment by silence up2nogood 05.03.07 @ 6:25 pm

A very erotic fiction. I would have been severely jealous if that was an authentic cherry popping! 🙂

Comment by Chris 05.03.07 @ 7:37 pm

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