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Friday October 28th 2005, 9:31 pm
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I was in my usual mood…achingly horny. My husband came home from work extremely exhausted from a previous late night encounter with me. Yet, my insatiable appetite for sex makes me want it even more while I am getting it.

He bathed sighing with exhaustion and hoping I would get the clue to let him rest. However, it just made me find it even more challenging to arouse him for my needs. He laid completely naked on the bed and like a tiger to her prey I draped myself on to him and started to kiss him…then his neck…then his chest and teased his nipple while gently massaging his cock. Licking and gently biting my way down making sure to rub my breasts on his skin, he was ready for my mouth.

He positioned himself upward to see what was happening down below. Not taking my eyes off of his I started to lick his hard dick. Up and down and I gave him a look of lust and wanting. With my ass up in the air and my mouth closing in on the head of his cock, I looked like a subject worshiping her God. Keeping my tongue out as I sucked, I went up and down slowly keeping my eyes locked on his. I could see him watching me, then looking at my ass and even looking at the mirror behind me as if he was watching a movie. I could feel his cock grow harder and harder as I slowly increased the pace of my act. I wanted to please him, I wanted him to feel good, this was not about me and it was going to be about him.

I would have love nothing more for him to cum in my mouth for me to swallow and this would have made me hot. But, he did not want that and I wanted to make him happy. He wanted me to climb on top and fuck him. I did as he wished. When I first climb on to his hard cock it takes a lot for me not to cum right away. There is something about having a finger, cock or toy enter a woman’s wanting and aching pussy. It feels like a rush of naughtiness that just yearns for more.

I start to move up and down on his rock, hard dick. I stare down as his face as he is focusing on the two large breasts before him. He grabs them, pinches my small, pink nipples and he starts to suck them. I grab on to the headboard and start to fuck him harder and hard. I could feel my face grow wild with lust, I start to clench my teeth together and concentrate on the fuck. I can feel every touch, grab and pinch he makes. The harder I fuck the rougher he gets. His hands never leave my tits and the right hand releases and immediately there is a sharp slap to my left breast. I buck on his cock and moan with such a sudden rush of pleasure. I can feel the climb inside me and I can start to urge the orgasm that festers inside my pussy. I focus harder to not lose this ascending climb of pleasure that has been bottled up inside. He continues to give me nice slaps and hard grabs. My eyes are shut tight, I bite my bottom lip and I blurt out…”I am going to cum”. The pleasure of this climax releases not tears this time…not even giggles but a violent instinct and I claw at the wall with one hand and grab hold of my husband’s chest with the other. He gasps in the pain and I realize in my moment of “lost” to let him go. I hit the wall and I am spent. Sometimes I can go on riding to have multiple orgasms and other times just that one is enough to drain.

I fall down beside him. He grabs me and puts me on my back and forces himself between my locked legs. Inside, I don’t want this and I cannot bare more pleasure. He rams himself into my wet pussy and I scream. The flood of tingling pleasure sears up my body. I grab on to him yelping at every thrust. Every other thrust sends my pussy flooding with wetness. This has never happened before because I never allowed it. My nails dig into his back as he pushes harder into me. One orgasm after another and I lose count not knowing the beginning or ending to each orgasm. It felt like a roller coaster of pleasure…up and down over and over again. Just when I felt I could take no more he makes a final hard thrust as he cums inside me. My mouth cracks a smile from the right side and I lick my lips. If I didn’t know any better I think he appreciated my determined efforts to fuck him.

Yes, it started all about him, but how quickly the tables turn…does that make me a bad person? 😉

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