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Sunday May 14th 2006, 8:35 am
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yesterday i had cancelled shooting in the city to try to get a last fuck in before i went out of town for a couple of days. the fucking was as the other night. very satisfying, very twisted and resulted in three intense orgasms. the only difference was he fucked me with his cock (which i prefer) and his talking grew rather dirtier.

saying he owned me and i was his.

he was telling me how he would have drunken friends come over and fuck me.

he called me a cheap slut, a sex toy, mentioned all i was good for was fucking, asked me if i liked being used.

asked me if i liked the pain as he was yanking my hair and at a scarf around my neck.

of course i did.

he did penetrate my ass with the dildo and went inside of me. he let off as i yelped. but, i did not complain. perhaps that was enough for him at that moment. i have not had my ass fucked in years. as funny as this seems, i am nervous and i have a feeling our interactions will escalate to him taking my ass.

the price for this afternoon was a small horizontal line of a bruise across the front of my neck. i am sure i will discover more bruises today.

very late that evening on our way home, i wanted oral from him. i wanted him between my legs looping his arms under my thighs and licking my cunt. it felt like this urgent need. because we had an under aged visitor in the next room, i had to be quiet.

he put me at the edge of the bed, got on his knees and licked me. it has been so long and i was raptured by it. my breathing growing more and more intense. my arms flailing about. i started to let our heavier breaths control the noise and i tried my best to stay as still as possible not to make obvious noises with our bed. at a point i thought i was going to explode with moans so i buried my face in a pillow. i still did not lose my control. it stiffled heavier breaths that lept from deep within. i almost came from his licks but he changed something and i lost it. i did not want him to stop and he was good to keep giving me what i needed. in my mind as i was intently trying to make myself come…i was thinking of someone else. i was thinking of him licking me. that thought caused me to lose control of my movement.

he inserted a finger and my back arched. he put in another and i had to cover a small moan that escaped. he fingered me till i came and i could not have been happier.

i was still charged as he stood up above me. touching my cunt through my panties that he moved back in place. he seemed questioning about why i wanted this at 1:00am. i expressed to him i would not see him for several days and i was concerned. he wanted me to calm down and not panic. he kissed me and gently groped me without being rough. he kept rubbing my cunt through the panties and i kept moving to his rubs. he fingered me again to another orgasm and i grew sleepy. i let him touch me, caress me and hold me. it has been a while since we had this affection. before this bout of intense rough sex, we used to have affection and it was something we both enjoyed. i think it is time to revisit some affection and work that in to the dark sex.

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Delightful post Gracie. The basis for a great relationship can usually be attributed to love, love leads to affection BUT other needs must be met for longevity.

Sounds like you need to get that pretty ass of yours ready for some attention…………

Comment by Overland 05.14.06 @ 2:44 pm

Jealousy – burning jealousy. You know that, wench.

Can there be anything more delicious than a woman in her prime?

I have to say I agree with Overland – that pretty ass of yours is going to be taken. Long past overdue…


Comment by Lupus 05.14.06 @ 8:25 pm

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