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a sub in training
Thursday June 22nd 2006, 11:41 am
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it was late, E was on the computer, i stripped down to just panties and laid in bed. within minutes he came waltzing into the bedroom and grabs my neck, pushes my head up and kisses me. i moan at his assertiveness and control. i cling to him in arousal and i want him. he whispers to me a question….”do you want to fuck?” i answer without hesitation…”yes”

he had expectations of me tonight, this fuck was for him…not me. he forced me roughly into positions that he saw to his liking. he grabbed my waist and moved me to his wants. it felt like training to be his perfect sub.

it has been quite some time since i had been on top of his cock. he told me to fuck him. in under a minute for the first time i asked him if i could come. he said i could and with that i came with intensity that had me crying. i stayed on and again in under a minute i asked E again if i could come and he said yes. i came again with a flood of emotions but without tears. he let me slide off of him. i laid beside him panting. usually it is over when i come like that.

not tonight…

he told me he wanted to come inside me and i starred him in the face. i could see his desire and i smiled. he wanted me to put on a fresh pair of panties and he instructed me before i did so to suck his cock. without a moment to waste before he could change his mind my mouth went down on his cock. i took him all the way in. up and down repeatedly. i could hear him gasp as i forced my mouth on his hardness. every so often i would come up to the tip and lick, giving his head attention and he would take in a breath when i did this. he pulled my head from his cock and i got up to put on a pair of panties.

E repositioned himself to lay at the edge of the bed and i stood with my back to him. he wanted a show, a tease and i gave him that. i swayed my ass from side to side slowly with my hands lifting my panties from my ass. his breath grew heavy and i knew he was stroking his cock.

“show me your ass”, he said calmly.

my hands slowly pushed my panties down as my ass swayed hypnotically from side to side. i started to bend forward slightly as the fabric traced the curve of my ass. down and down ever so slowly and e let out another breath. i heard him stir behind me as my panties escaped my ass and hit the top of my thighs.

without warning e pushed himself inside my sore and not so ready cunt. i gasped in pain and surprise. he grabbed my hips and forced himself in and out.

“get on the bed”, he barked.

i positioned myself…on my hands and knees and he thrusted inside me without delay. he gripped my waist and adjusted my body for his pleasure. he moved me forward and back on his cock. my cunt was so sore and the pain of this fuck calmed my mind. i felt used, i felt like a toy and i felt submissive. E was my alpha male, my dom and he was taking me the way he wanted.

i came over and over as e fucked me. he would command me to tighten my cunt to grip his invasive cock. i did as i was told because i wanted to please him. i could tell this new attitude towards me aroused him in such a way. just one more step towards being even more submissive to my dom.

his new nickname for me is “whore” and when he told me this i came.

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u make something scream inside me !!!

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