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a sin
Sunday November 05th 2006, 4:50 pm
Filed under: Deviant Dreams

V sends me this email with the subject of “Goddamn You”

fucking bitch…

i’m sitting in church this morning and suddenly you voice kicks in and i remember something you said about fucking (or wanting to fuck) in church. and i’m finding my cock start to twitch in my jeans as i see us sitting in a pew with our coats over our laps…your one hand stroking your clit and while the other has unzipped my fly and pulses my cock – all the looking for all the world like you’re paying attention.

and my cock twitches harder. i’m fighting to keep it from turning into a full fledged hardon. i know a hymn is coming up and, even though everyone else is downstairs, standing with a hardon probably wouldn’t go over to well. Finally, i get my mind off the picture of you imperceptibly jerking me off just before the hymn.

but you popped back into my head throughout the service. cock twitching…finding myself half listening and half hard…needing to refocus my attention.

bitch. i’m sure you find this all rather amusing.

your slut

i in return responded to his email with:

mmmmmm baby, it is funny because right when i opened this email i
wondered if you went to church. then i thought about how bitterly
sweet that would be, you…me…god. mmmmm so wrong. quite the front
you put up baby just to make sure no one could get a glimpse of an
idea that you are just one fucked up deviant like the rest of us.


i always had this thought about fucking in a confessional. though i
was never brought up catholic i always found those confessional booths
alluring for wrong doings. i wonder if anyone has shined a black light
in those to see how much dna has been left behind.

i could see myself going in there with a skirt, no panties. rubbing my
clit as i recounted the numerous times i have thought “impure”
thoughts and talked to men online, watched hardons, watched men
cumming and mmmmmm especially you. the thrill of contained that orgasm
as i went on to say how i had a slut 3000 miles away that did whatever
i desired, that he was married and that i enjoyed watching his wedding
ring shine in the web cam as he played with his cock for me. i wonder
can you say “cock” in confessional? hmmmmm.

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“and the cock crowed three times” – maybe context matters?

Comment by woodinhand 11.06.06 @ 5:00 am

Mmmm deliciously sinful! You drive me crazy

Comment by Pandora 11.07.06 @ 7:56 am

The things that transpire in the sacred hallowed halls where we worship the Almighty.

and those “things” are what get me quivering instantly. how evil of me.

Comment by Liras 11.30.06 @ 11:01 pm

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