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a sight unseen
Tuesday August 22nd 2006, 7:43 am
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i feel out of sorts this weekend. as if i were waiting for this ultimate release. schedule, obligations and normal day life seems to block it all. i had a drunken session saturday night that i can not recall.

i recall coming in and out of consciousness as i was being fucked, choked and cummed on. i remember being on top fucking him and cumming slow and long. i remember hard smacks to my ass and him slapping my ass and cunt with the dildo before roughly inserting it my cunt. i remember my face back in the sweet, wet spot on the bed as he railed me from behind with him pull my hair tightly. then getting on the ground, masturbating till coming intently and somehow ended on my back. he was hovering over me jacking off and i would fade in and out as i could see the silhouette of his actions. i could hear him make a final gasp as hot web cum fell upon my face startling me awake.

he had relayed to me last night during dinner that he had choked me till passing out several times. he also expressed his happiness with our “session” as he labeled them. funny, how i have been using that term for quite some time, but he is to not know about this side.

i now realize it is not my body that is hungry, it is my mind. going several days without anything really itching my scratch except for little comments here and there on my writing. so, i sit on the edge of my seat waiting patiently. all weekend my pussy moist with anticipation and thoughts cursing my body with longing. if only there was a small window into my mind for the unfortunate to see the colors, images and thoughts that seduce my mind. it is truly a sight to be seen.

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Mind hunger and boredom is the worst kind!

Comment by dirty joke sir 08.22.06 @ 11:40 am

spare the rod and spoil the mind hehe

Comment by expei 08.22.06 @ 1:20 pm

It is every time that I read your post for the first time when my dick gets hard at the fantasy of grinding your pussy into the shaft of my cock and mashing our genitals with every ounce of weight and thrust our bodies can provide.

This happens every time.

Comment by Pyrhonik 08.22.06 @ 10:21 pm

dirty joke sir – indeed

expei – mmmm true

py – mmmmm damn. i am very glad to have that kind of effect on you. i thought you were going to send me an email? *raise eyebrow*

Comment by Gracie 08.22.06 @ 11:07 pm

if you were with me you’d remember every nanosecond of it

Comment by Al Sensu 08.22.06 @ 11:15 pm

Alas, I am held hostage behind an Intranet firewall which restricts access to all outside mail accounts, including gmail. Sadly, that email will have to wait until I am home to send it to you. Which will be some time in September. That raised eyebrow is fuckin sexy as hell. If you had a tail it would be flickin side to side right now. Visuals of you in my head certainly get raunchy fast!

Of course I could send you an email from work but that would reveal my identity and then I’d have to end blogging, which would be shitty cuz I’m having way too much fun blogging with you!

Comment by Pyrhonik 08.23.06 @ 12:28 am

hmmm … very sexy to chk yr mind !

i m certain that everything in yr mind would entice me !

Comment by kindabiz 08.23.06 @ 5:06 am

Ah, fabulously intense “session” it seems indeed ! Impressice, seductive, leaving me horny and imagining … As for the colors … paint it, paint it, paint it … Would love a visual image of what lingers in your horny head ! (btw, the pictures on your side-bar are fabulous !!) … Hugs – A

Comment by Aragorn 08.23.06 @ 5:07 am

al – oh really now?

py – mmm if i had a tail, well you do realize i would be a cat. not a very nice cat either. i would bite. put that in your raunchy mind and play with it.

that is okay, i am patient. but, it does not mean i will play nice.

kinda – i bet you deviant man you!

aragorn – hard to paint it darling. it is quite dark and intertwined. thank you, i love my sidebar! *wink*

Comment by Gracie 08.23.06 @ 9:49 am

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