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a sick fuck
Sunday January 28th 2007, 2:28 am
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i have been fighting this cold. i think i am winning but it still drags me down. i laid with my head on this chest in the bed. his hand would randomly roam the length of my back and occasionally make a soft grab at the curve of my ass.

“you should put on some panties for me.”

i lay there for a moment. i know i should stay there and rest. yet, i pull out of bed wanting to arouse him, wanting him to use me. i pull a pink thong out from the drawer and slip it on. he watches me and moans in approval. i crawl back in bed and lay my head on his stomach. his hand traces the small amounts of fabric and my hand feels his hardness through the blanket. how quickly he has hardened for me. i pull the blanket down, push his boxers down and push the head of his cock in my mouth. i suck him gently and it shifts to roughly.

“not so hard,” he groans.

i lighten my suction and grip him as i suck him. he pushes me on to my back and i squirm with anticipation as he shifts himself above me. his hand closes around my throat and i close my eyes feeling every inch of him tighten around my neck. i love watching him take my panties off as his hands press to my hips, roll them off from my ass, past my thighs, to my ankles and work themselves free.

his fingers travel my slit and his free hand covers my nose and mouth. he likes to watch my eyes flutter with the lack of air. my body jerking against this fingers that have made their way inside of me. the jerks get harder and i try to free from him and he likes to make it just a tid bit longer to push that much more over the edge of need.

“i want you to ride me.”

he lays on the bed and watches me pull up and straddle him. i am dripping with wetness and i grab his cock and push it inside of me. that first bit of penetration always makes me gasp with a primal need. i grip the head board and grind into this cock. his eyes watch my motion and his hands slap at my swaying tits. i fuck him with all that i have squeezing and pulling at his hardness. i close my eyes and my lip starts to curl on one side as i feel my orgasm mounting. i grip at the wood and the orgasm taunts me going away and coming back. i almost feel frustration nearing and i work it away. i keep fucking him and slowly letting it all go as my orgasms floods me without a climb.

“oh fuck…oh fuck….ssssshit.” i groan as my body shudders with a quake of pleasure and color. those several second of being on another plane of existence pulse through my blood.

i sit there clenching his cock. i am panting through it all and i fall off of him.

“no, you get back on,” he hisses.

“n-no, i can’t E.”

he pulls, grabs and positions my limp body back on to his cock. i tense up as he penetrates me for a second time. i scream obscenities at him as he thrusts himself up inside of me shaking the whole bed. i feel a rupture of orgasms spew from inside of me as he holds me on him not freeing me from his cock. we are bouncing on the bed and i feel breathless and weightless. i keep screaming and grip his hands that bind me to him. he stops and lets me free. i collapse on to the bed.

it is when he forces me that i love him so much.

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Sometimes having no choice is supremely arousing.

yes, i won’t argue with that.

Comment by Al Sensu 01.28.07 @ 6:39 am

A sick fuck indeed! Talk about running a temperature–you’ve raised mine!

hehe, good.


Comment by Cherrie 01.28.07 @ 7:55 am

As always, you nail some moments/ thoughts expertly. I love this: i grip at the wood and the orgasm taunts me going away and coming back. i almost feel frustration nearing and i work it away.

Very apt choice of words, love it as always!

thank you tom.

we have to chat again soon.

Comment by Tom 01.28.07 @ 10:12 am

Extremely arousing…

thank you.

Comment by Cosmic Girl 01.28.07 @ 6:38 pm

Sick sex is always in a haze. Your mind and nerves are confused. It can make the sensations all the more vivid. And you definitely succeeded in getting him to want you. Very hot.

mmmmmm yes.

Comment by Chris 01.28.07 @ 6:59 pm

*sigh* now that was a great way to administer medecine 😉

i think it was much better then taking medicine. all though i just took a turn for the worse after that day. hehe.

Comment by Pandora 01.28.07 @ 7:40 pm

being sick right now with a damn cold, I would like to be ‘taken’. great story gracie.

it takes that right moment while being sick that fucking even sounds good.

thank you.

Comment by kitty 01.29.07 @ 4:33 am

First off, Hope you recover soon. Second, that was delicious and left me aching.

thank you rae, i am getting there.

i love it when you are aching.

Comment by RaesSecret 01.29.07 @ 7:18 am

Mmmm, Grace, I love to think of you being forced.

i bet you do B. i would love to force you my way.


Comment by Bad Bad Girl 01.29.07 @ 9:19 am

This is helping me get over my cold.
I’m feeling very frisky now.

Thank you Grace!


always glad to help spark some lust!

Comment by Desire X 01.29.07 @ 4:28 pm

Absolutely lovely. Hope you feel better soon, Grace.

thank you very much.

Comment by sangre 01.30.07 @ 6:34 pm

damn you just got me excited. flashbacks! phew!!



Comment by The Fury 01.30.07 @ 8:39 pm

How remiss of me! I read this a little while ago and forgot to say that I hope you feel better soon!

awww thank you sweet peony.


Comment by peony 02.02.07 @ 9:20 pm

*big giant smile*

*wicked grin*

i am better, lemme bite you.

Comment by Liras 02.03.07 @ 10:42 am

If you been sick means we get to read hot shit like this, stay sick. LOL. Just kidding, get well (maybe)


thanks! trust me…you want me healthy to do the filthy things that i do.

Comment by silence up2nogood 02.03.07 @ 12:58 pm

i feel so hot ….. wht temperature were pumping on ????

not yet fully sick, but not 100% either.

Comment by kindabiz 02.07.07 @ 12:05 am

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