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a sense of lust
Tuesday May 02nd 2006, 9:36 pm
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i came home from work and he took a look at me. he kept telling me i looked nice and that i was beautiful. he came up to me and kissed me. it made me moan into his mouth. i wanted him to not stop as i wrapped my arms around him. he broke away after a minute and told me to come to him so he could look at me. he sat in a chair as i stood before him. then he drew me in playing with my jeans and grabbing at my hips. he noticed my shirt was slightly see through and mentioned it and then asked if i went to work with it on. i told him i had a sweater over it. he mouthed over my left breast and gently bit my nipple through the fabric. i grabbed his head and i went up on my tippy toes.

he lead me back to the bedroom and laid on the bed. i was about to check emails and he said “what are you doing? get back here”. i turned around and gave him a glaring look.

“take off your clothes,” he said. again, i gave him a look.

“i said, take off your clothes now,” he said even more sternly.

“i can’t believe you are having me do this,” i barked back.

i pulled off my shirt and thew it on the ground.

“pick up that shirt and fold it,” he demanded. again, another look.

i picked up the shirt and folded it and placed it on the bed.

“this is embarrassing,” i pouted at him.

“good, it turns me on even more,” he said, as i was slowly taking my bra off. i held it to my chest. i could not believe he was having me do this in front of him. i pulled my bra off, folded it and placed it on top of my shirt. i undid my button of my jeans and slowly started to pull them down.

“bend over while taking them off,” he said. i bent forward looking at him in his eyes as i pulled them down over my ass and to the floor. i folded my jeans and placed them on the pile.

“get on the bed,” he said while pointing next to him.

i got on the bed and laid on my stomach. he pulled my panties down and started to spank my ass red. he turned me over and started breathing, biting and kissing the right side of my neck. my skin buzzed with goosebumps and my breathing instantly grew heavy as small moans escaped my mouth. he moved up to my ear and i lost it. he grabbed my chin and moved my head to expose the left side. he went in and started licking and biting. i could not contain myself and my body was riddled with chills.

he had me turn back on to my stomach. his hand glided down my spin to my ass. he got up to leave me there and i laid there wondering. he came back and a chill ran down my back. an ice cube traveled from my neck down to my ass and back up again. he did this till my back and ass was wet. he was driving my mind mad. then he slapped my wet ass and my head threw back. it stung and i yelped. he continued to punish my ass till it was dry.

yes…anticipation and i am wondering if he can sense the mind fuck i get everyday…

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Hmm…that is what my little Colorado said. She wants me to mind find her at work…everyday =)

Comment by ADIDAS 05.03.06 @ 9:54 pm

Gracie – your stories drive me crazy!–>

Comment by ADIDAS 05.05.06 @ 10:06 pm

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