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Friday August 25th 2006, 10:02 am
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Laying on my side thinking about you, I feel his hand come around my throat. His squeeze is tighter and in one motion he pulls me on to my back choking me. I let out a longing sigh as I am insatiably hungry. I feel the wetness increasing between my legs.

“take off your shirt.”

I pull of my shirt with his grip only releasing only to pull it over my head.

“you are such a whore, get all fours and suck my cock.”

He pulls my head down, he is raging with hardness. He is so angry at me with my slutty needs. He wants to punish me.

“go all the way down!”

I try to take him in. I can not see in the dark. I gag and choke and I can not take him all the way in.

We have to be quiet because tonight there is a guest in the house sleeping in the next room. He always gets mad at me when I want him so badly. It has been since Monday since anything has been inside my cunt.

“shake your ass.”

I sway from side to side as I suck him. I am dying for my cunt to have attention. I know I don’t deserve it.

“get on top of me and ride this cock.”

I hesitate afraid of the noise I will make. I know it will be a violent orgasm. He yanks me on top of him trying to shove his cock inside my cunt. It won’t go in. I am so tight.

“stand up you stupid whore” he snarls.

I stand up next to the bed. He sits at the edge of the bed.

“come here” he demands.

I stand in front of him. He pushes my panties to the side and forces his thigh for me to straddle.

“grind my leg bitch”.

I rub on his thigh. One hand is digging into his other thigh while the other is around his neck digging into his shoulder blade. I am not careful tonight. I am drenching his thigh with my cunt juices. They are flowing out of me with such need.

“stop clawing me bitch!” as he grabs a handful of hair and yanks.

He grabs my hands and pulls them behind my back. He ties them tightly behind me. Bends my face down in the bed. Instinctively I go on my tippy toes.

“you don’t deserve panties” as he yanks them down.

He positions himself behind me and thrusts inside of me. I groan into the bed.

“shut up you whore!” he warns.

He thrusts in and out of me. I can feel juices dripping to my feet and running down my thigh.

In the dark my mind goes to you. I am thinking about you railing me. Driving inside of me with rage and vigor. You pull out of my cunt and press your cock head against my ass. You start to push inside of me. The tip goes in as you are asking me if I like being fucked in my ass and confirming I am a whore wanting to be fucked in my ass like that. Realizing I would give away what we are doing in the bedroom you pull out and shove your cock back into my cunt. Pumping wishing you could take my ass right then and there again. Wanting to hear me scream in pain and submission. Knowing my body will shudder and convulse around your invasive cock. Grinning knowing it is a thrill to my mind be taken in such a manner. You pulling out, pressing your cock against my asshole and cumming in hot spurts. Letting it run down to my used cunt.

I have been bad and I don’t get to cum tonight. It would be too loud of a risk.

So I sit here thinking of you. Knowing I came twice to you yesterday, once in the morning and once while at work. My cunt is already wet again for you. I know it will be another day where I will sneak off to the bathroom to masturbate again to you. I want to come so hard to you. I want to grunt your name with utter pure lust.

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My how you love being a naughty girl. Your sexual energy is refreshing Gracie.

Comment by Mr. Husbland 08.25.06 @ 10:52 am

Oh hell, that was so hot.. I just loved the idea of his cock teasing your asshole ..

How long do we have to wait before your friend leaves ?!!

Comment by dirty thirties 08.25.06 @ 11:07 am


Comment by stroker 08.25.06 @ 5:16 pm

Who was in the other room that would make you keep quiet?

You grinding his thigh was very hot!

Comment by Pyrhonik 08.25.06 @ 5:45 pm

hmm nice
and we like those pics too

Comment by hardasabullet 08.26.06 @ 1:58 am

Loved it! Thanks…

Comment by NeverEnough 08.26.06 @ 1:15 pm

mister h – yessss naughty is good. thank you.

dirty – thank you. friend is gone. just waiting on E now. he is working a lot these days.

stroker – thank you

py – a person that i can not reveal. i do enjoy a good grind.

hardasabullet – why thank you for stopping by.

neverenough – thank you kindly.

Comment by Gracie 08.26.06 @ 10:56 pm

Riveting. …

thank you C.

Comment by Coffey 06.09.07 @ 7:33 am

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