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a mystery man's arousal
Wednesday September 13th 2006, 3:23 pm
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E walked in the room and i was in panties and my cunt was already wet. i had been slowly sliding back and forth on my chair as words burned straight to the core of my lust. i felt drunk and glassy eyed.

i stood up to leave and E took my seat. he grabbed me and guided me to his lap. i did not sit, instead i grinded my ass against his crotch, giving him a lap dance. his hands reached around and cupped my breasts.

“i can feel your heat,” he whispers.

i let out a breath of air. god i needed his attention. i pressed down a little harder into his hardening crotch.

i stood up almost snapping out of a trance. we were discussing household topics briefly.

“i cannot concentrate on anything with you standing there like that,” he blurts out. “you look so fucking good.”

my face reddens.

“get in the room and get ready,” he tells me.

i lay there waiting. trying to calm my erratic breathing. more words burning my skull. thoughts of darkness, pain, flesh and deviancy.

a few days earlier E was telling me he was talking to a man online about me. E even went as far as to send this man pictures of me. i really did not give it that much thought.

as E was thoroughly molesting me he told me as his fingers were deep inside of me that that same man had enjoyed my pictures so much that he jacked off to them three times that day. needless to say i drenched his fingers at the thought.

“you like that don’t you,” he whispers.

“he wants more,” E coos. as his hand wraps around my throat squeezing.

my moans are loud at the thought of a stranger jacking off to an image of me. i am suffocating in this thought. E pushes a dildo in my ass and stuffs another in my cunt. he fucks me and i blurt out, “TAKE A PICTURE FOR HIM!”

and so it started a photo session for this man that doesn’t have a name to me. E positioned me and guided me as i would stare at the bulge in his pants as he would grab it while taking photos. he tied me, grabbed me, spanked me, pinched me in images for this man’s arousal.

while at work today, E sent me a text message that simply read:

“God you’re hot”

i smile. all though those pictures were for this mystery man. i am sure E found them for his arousal also.

no i won’t be posting them, so don’t even ask. you naughty sluts.


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Comment by Storm Rider 09.13.06 @ 5:02 pm

naughty sluts we are – and you make us so.

Comment by single gal 09.13.06 @ 6:07 pm

I need to print those pics out again, they’re all sticking together.

Comment by Al Sensu 09.13.06 @ 8:31 pm

pics ….. ?? who needs it ?

yr words just play havocing images of imaginations in my evil mind !

i m so happy to be with u ……

Comment by kindabiz 09.13.06 @ 9:21 pm

I’ll just have to imagine them…….nice.

Comment by Semi-Celibate Man 09.13.06 @ 10:00 pm

Gracie, when I first started posting photos on my blog I was a little concerned about the reaction, but now that I know all sorts of people are enjoying my images sexually it really turns me on to take them! So I know just how you feel about your mystery man.

Somehow, though, I don’t think he’ll stay a mystery to you forever.

Comment by Cherrie 09.13.06 @ 10:26 pm

Such a tease! What a lucky mystery man!

Comment by Pandora 09.13.06 @ 11:13 pm

Super mean !!! I am sure each one of these comments makes you smile, a naughty glance on your face, one of devilish satisfaction … Damn … Super mean (hot sex btw, wonderful)

Comment by Aragorn 09.14.06 @ 6:20 am

guilty as charged !!!

Comment by Spitfire 09.14.06 @ 8:35 am

Now, would we *ever* ask to see photos of you?

Never !!

Mmmm .. with dildos & latex .. Mmmm

Well, perhaps ..

Comment by dirty thirties 09.14.06 @ 10:51 am

storm rider – yess i know. you can growl. i like that actually.

single gal – mmmhmmm *wink*

al – ha ha! you crack me up. nice to have those digital files huh?

kindabiz – mmmmm good i am glad to do that naughty boy.

semi – yesss you will

cherrie – thank you for the encouragement. i just don’t think i can go there.

pandora – yess i know. *wink*

spitfire – ha ha then you need a spanking.

dirty – mmmmm maybe…we’ll see.

Comment by Gracie 09.16.06 @ 2:37 pm

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