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A litte pleasure, a little pain and a little oxygen
Thursday November 17th 2005, 9:33 pm
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Well the both of us have been sick hence, nothing hot to post.

However, that does not mean we are not horny or sexually frustrated. We have tried on several occasions to fuck but were too sick and tired to proceed.

Last night I was all doped up for a nighttime of no coughing, aching, stuffy head, you get the idea…so I was sleepy. My husband got up close to me in bed and started playing with my nipples. Immediately I am turned on and I guide his hand down to rub my pussy. He pushed aside my see through black panties and started to gently rub my clit. I started to moan and move to his strokes. I start to go faster as I want more and more. He whispers for me to slow down. I try like a good girl. He slips his fingers inside me and feels how wet I have become from his rubbing.

He then pulls off the covers and my underwear. He commands me to turn over. I willingly do so as he proceeds to lick my ass. He bites my left ass cheek and shoves his cock into me. I grow more and more wild with my need to be fucked. I want to be this violent woman that needs to be tamed, but yet the submissiveness inside me controlled that urge. I wanted him to take me, I wanted him to have control and I wanted him to dominate me.

As he fucks me, he pulls my hair hard so my back arches and he then grabs my ass and yanks it up so I can feel every movement of his cock as it goes in and out of my drenched pussy. I want to cum so bad, I feel it nearing, yet I force it away.

He abruptly stops and demands I turn over on my back. He grabs my open legs and drags me to the edge of the bed and proceeds to lick my wet pussy. I start to tug at my nipples. I know he can see me and I know he gets off on it. My nipples are hard and my pussy gets wetter and wetter. I love it when he is right between my legs eating me out, it does something wild to my mind.

I feel a cold wetness being dripped on to my pussy that is running to my asshole. It starts to warm up as he toys with the butt plug in my ass. This time, it does hurt as he works it in my tight ass. He starts to finger my pussy to get me to relax and not think about such invasiveness in my ass. It works and it slips ever so easily in. He then shoves a dildo in my pussy. I love getting worked over in such a way. He manages to slap my ass repeatedly. It starts to sting and hurt. Yet, the more he slapped the more pleasure I was getting out of this act. I love being used and taken.

The butt plug comes out from my violent thrusts and he switches sides. I take his hand and place it over my mouth and nose as he works the dildo into my pussy. He can feel my body jerk from the lack of oxygen as the only thing I can focus on is him fucking my pussy. I gasp and he lets his hand up and I take in a breath as I just feel so fucking good. He repeats this several times and I just keep getting hotter and hotter. I would let him do this all day long, since I do get off on it. I love being dominated and him being in control of my body.

He pulls out the dildo and starts to finger my pussy, it is soaked wet and I want to cum hard. He violates the inside of my pussy as I jerk violently around. The wetness gushes out of me as I peak to this plane of pleasure. My heart races and my mind in lust.

I can not wait till this weekend so we can be back on “normal” and fuck like rabbits. I really need a good fucking right now.

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