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a kiss, never more
Saturday April 22nd 2006, 9:12 am
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i was stewing at my voluntary sexual suicide in my chair, while staring at the monitor. he walked in to say goodnight. with that he bent down over me and gave me a kiss. this kiss sent a melting effect from my mouth down to in between my legs. i did not want it to stop. i tried to hang on as i let out a light sigh with our lips locked. he started to pull and i started to panic.

he left me and headed towards the bedroom. i followed like a high school girl sprung off just one kiss. he laid in bed and flicked the channels on the television. i knew this would be a disaster, but i wanted to try. it was wishful thinking. i crawled on the bed and hovered over him and went in to kiss him. he kept wanting to pull away. i got the clue and stammered off.

i went to tend to the stupid laundry and if you know me, i am not fucking june cleaver. i come out of the laundry room pounding the light off and he comes walking out of the room…”hey, hey” he says. i am pissed and i am starting to starve.

he pushes me up against the wall and kisses me again like the first time. my heart starts to race and my breathing grows heavy. my right hand starts to dig into his forearm and he winces slightly and he grabs my chin and forces it up. he breathes on my neck and kisses. my hands travel up his arms and start to dig into his upper arms. he winces a little more and presses up against me, pinning me to the wall. i need him and i know in the back of my mind, i won’t get him. he kisses me again and goes back to my neck, i embrace but can not control my nails as they dig into his back. i am in a state of more then need. he pushes me again, against the wall and slides my sweats past my hips to see the panties that are on underneath. he stared and it seemed for that moment he was thinking. either he was thinking someone else saw these panties, or he was contemplating taking me because they were “fuck me” panties. snapping out of his temporary hesitation, he kissed me again and left me starving.

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It hurts to hear how starving you are. Passing up on fuck me panties at that!

Comment by ADIDAS 04.22.06 @ 6:39 pm

oh yeah, its purposeful at this point.

Comment by Bunny Lebowski 04.23.06 @ 9:39 am

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