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a good morning
Tuesday October 31st 2006, 10:21 pm
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the following was written by my lovely V…

“Good morning, bitch.”

I hear the door to my closet opening. Huddled on the floor, I have to take your word for it that it’s morning since the blindfold blocks out the light. I force back a whimper as I feel your soft fingers unlock the restraints on my wrists and ankles. All night long I heard him fucking you; heard you narrate every move that he made (“shove that cock up my ass, baby! Fuck me like a little bitch”) and every response he gave you (“sick little whore…i will fucking choke the life out of you”). I heard it all; every creak, every moan, rustle of the bed sheets. My cock jerked and begged for relief. After he came deep in your ass you sucked him hard again and begged him to fuck you harder this time. I’m not even sure if he knew I was three feet away, chained with a ball gag.

“I got nicely fucked last night,” you chirp, “how about you?” I shake my head stupidly. “No,” you laugh, “how could you?! Poor little slut.” Your hands clench around my balls squeezing hard. I hear the deep purr of satisfaction as I flinch. “Good, baby,” you whisper, “fucking hurt for me. Now it’s your turn.” You pull me to my feet and lean me against the wall. “Grab your balls, slut. Show me that you’ll hurt for me.”

My fingers tremble as I take my balls in my hand. I tried to fake it once, but you knew and soon the toe of your shoe slammed into them, sending me to the ground screaming. I know what you want. It’s always a fine line between manageable pain and searing pain. I start to squeeze and hear you sit murmuring softly to yourself. Fuck. The first bolt shoots through them. My mouth begins to twist, my head falling forward. “Harder, bitch. Make yourself cry for me.” I squeeze harder still, a small cry catches in my throat. I can hear a faint, watery, thwapping sound – your fingers must be deep in your cunt, finger fucking yourself as I punish my balls for you. “More, baby..g-gimme…m-moooore.” My fingers clamp down harder and my muffled cry coincides with your own harsh, breathy bark – “G-g-goddammmmmmn.” I hear you rise. “That’s good, baby. You made me cum nice.” Your voice gets closer. The tears leak from my eyes and my chest heaves. Your finger pushes through my lips. The taste of your cunt floods my mouth.

“Such a good slut,” you purr, fucking my mouth, “you haven’t disappointed me yet, baby. You’ve been such a pleasing little whore, I think I’ll take you to breakfast. But we should get you ready first.”

You take my arm and walk me until I feel your bed at my knees. “Lean forward,” you tell me, “ass in the air. And don’t move.” Your footsteps fade slightly. I hear a drawer open. Rumaging. Another one. A closet. You come back, drop things on the bed and return to whatever you’re doing.

“First,” you say, walking back, ” we have to prepare you.” Your fingers part my ass and I jerk slightly as cool lube hits my asshole. You pick something up and I shudder with the very good idea of what it is. Seconds later, the head of a thick dildo works into my ass. The ball gag muffles my scream. “Oh, please,” you say flatly, “you practically beg me to fuck you up the ass.” The dildo is thicker and longer than I’ve had. I try to relax my asshole as you jam it in, not paying attention to me. It pushes deep and deep. My eyes roll back in my head. How long is this? Finally, stuffed full, I feel the base between the cheeks of my ass. “Fuck baby, we need to do do some work on that,” you puff.

I feel your hip brush against mine as you grab something else of the bed. You bend down and slip something soft over one foot and then the other and pull it up my legs. As it reaches the bottom of my balls, I realize it’s a g-string. One of yours. “Stand up, slut,” you tell me. You help me up. My half-hard cock lies horizontal to the floor. “You fucking whore,” you half-grin, half snarl. “You’re unbelievable. We’ll just have to tuck this away.” You grab my cock and pull it downwards while pulling up the g-string, trapping it close to my ass.

You rummage on the bed and kneel down again, putting my feet into something new. It feels like vinyl…like vinyl…underwear. And yet, there’s weight in front. Working efficiently, giggling as you go, you pull something over my head. Cunt. It feels like a dress. And as you let it fall down over me, I feel the hem snag on the source of the weight. You laugh outright. I begin to shake. You can’t be fucking serious. You free the hem and turn me towards you.

“Perfect,” you exclaim, trying not to giggle. “Wanna see?”

You lead me forward a few steps and remove the blindfold. When my eyes adjust, I see myself in a Laura Ashely dress…with dildo pushing the fabric out.

“Well,” you smirk standing naked beside me, “I don’t know about you, but I’m starved. Lemme just get dressed and we’ll go”

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I love the intensity of this blog.

Comment by dusio 11.04.06 @ 8:45 pm

Oh boy, oh boy.

*laughing*, yes my V has that way with words that make me gasp in shock just a little. you should see how we talk off the blog…there is a lot not seen on these blogs of ours. perhaps it is just too hard of a shove over the edge of being able to choke down without gagging.

Comment by Liras 11.30.06 @ 11:13 pm

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