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a fuck to burn
Wednesday June 21st 2006, 12:00 pm
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E laid on the bed and i stood by the edge with my ass in his face. he wanted to look, so i let him look. i knew he was touching his cock and i starred him in his face. he got up and sat at the edge of the bed and i started to grind my pantied coated ass on his bare cock. one hand went to my hip while the other grabbed at my hair as i rubbed on him feeling him harden against me. he slowly peeled my panties down exposing my ass. i love how he keeps my panties on now.

he started to push himself inside me and i was not ready. but, i let him work himself inside me as i whimpered a little. just that thought alone aroused me in such a way. i started to work up and down on his cock bent slightly forward and he laid back and let me fuck. i could hear him enjoying it and he was so hard inside of me. he sat up and grabbed my hips standing behind me and started to fuck me. e then had me bend over the bed and ripped down my panties and told me to spread my legs. with that he started to spank my bare ass and when my ass was red enough for him he thrusted inside me without a hint of being nice.

“put your arms out” he demanded. i pushed my arms outreached above my head as he fucked me from behind. my face was buried into the bed and tears started to stream from my face.

E grabbed my hair and it pulled me upward arching my back. i wanted the pain…i wanted to be used.

turning me on my back he started to lick my cunt and he held me down to keep me still. i writhed as he licked and sucked as if i was escaping the pleasure and wanting the pain.

he got up and left me there. he turned off the lights and left the room. waiting brought upon a fear of the unknown with E. i never really know where he will take things.

he came back and hovered over my head and i could see a dark line that was between his hands. he wrapped a scarf around my neck and tightened it. i could smell the latex gloves on his hands. that anticipation made me moan. he shoved his gloved fingers in my cunt and then his cock went in my mouth. he moved his cock in and out of my mouth as he had a firm grip on the scarf around my neck. he then pulled me up by my scarf on to my knees and starred me in the eyes and said…”you are a whore.”

with that he told me to suck his cock and to take it all in. i made attempts at taking him all the way in. he kept saying over and over for me to go all the way down. he started to thrust in my mouth, fucking my throat. i could hear is enjoyment over my utter submissiveness and in my mind…i wanted to please my dom. i wanted him happy with me. yet, i wanted the punishment of not performing to his liking.

he pulled his cock out and turned me over on my hands and knees. he gripped the scarf very tightly around my neck. he pushed himself inside of my cunt and fucked me hard. he yanked me back on his cock, tugging roughly on the scarf…moving me to his liking…to his pace. it was what he wanted and he took it from me. i had no options or choices, it was my duty to please him and do what he told me to do.

letting go of the scarf he shoved my head into the bed as he gripped my ass tightly as he continued to fuck me and making me come several times. yes, i felt used, i felt so good and i started to cry a second time. i was being fucked till i was sore, my cunt was his tonight. it was E’s and he took it. he was getting enjoyment from me and i gave it to him willingly. E got me completely bare and unprotected and he came inside of my cunt with a groan. i smirked when he came in me. it has been a very long time since i let E cum in my cunt. he was proud of his claim. he fucked me for an hour straight and i have no complaints what so ever on his performance.

today E called me to inquire about his fucking my cunt. i told him i was very happy with him and rather shocked that he went that long fucking me. i am sure this is just the beginning to a series of escalating fucks with E.

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