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a dream
Friday August 01st 2008, 9:18 am
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it was a dream. simple, in form. i was reading an email from him, i remember the rush i felt and the end signed with a “V”. the dream haunted me the next day and i was discussing it with S. i expressed to her how much i had missed V and she reminded me of the bond and connection we had that was unmatched. it was true, i knew what we had and no one was ever going to replace that special spot that V did fill.

days went by and it was not like V never crossed my mind, he did. i am not sure what made me do it but i have a tendency to jump over cliff edges, perhaps i like the risk? i dug through my email trying to find his real email address he gave me at the beginning of the year just “in case” i needed to get a hold of him.

i drafted an email to him explaining the dream i had about him. i expressed myself to him with the possible notion he may never read it nor respond to it. i sent the email off and tried to forget about it so i wouldn’t get my hopes up for a response.

about ten minutes later there was a response from his true name. my heart started to race and it made me smile to know that he had been thinking about me. well, at least that is what he said. we started exchanging emails back and forth catching up and it felt so surreal to me to talk with him again.

i have been called many things in my life and i have to say him asking me if i was a witch was something new. my response to that was perhaps however, i like to think i leave a lasting impression on people.

because we have this intense effect on each other he started to send me photos of himself and it brought back a rush and that tingling between my legs. it has been so long since i felt that from words and imagery. yet, i had restraint to get comfy in the place i used to have with V. he tells me he is hard as a rock and i am getting wet but i had to explain to him that i just couldn’t go there, not yet. it felt so emotional reconnecting with him and strange. he even admitted it the same feelings towards it all.

we are volcanic.

we are dangerous.

we are addicted.

i cannot say exactly what will become of this. colliding again with V is a flood of every emotion i have ever had with him. the conversation between us last night was sweet and caring. like returning to a pet that you have left along to his own vices for too many months. i just wanted to pet him and love him.

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cliffs. jumping.

dangerous. yes.

Comment by v 08.02.08 @ 10:00 pm

Intense. So hard to resist.

Comment by Chris 08.04.08 @ 6:42 pm

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