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Thursday August 24th 2006, 11:25 am
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have you ever been suspended in a state of constant arousal?

i feel under a spell of the lust kind. it started a few days ago. it caused me to run to the bathroom to masturbate. i was so wet and came in under a minute. walking back to my desk with a glow, grin and wobbly legs.

words do this to me.

music elongates it.

seeing delicious people spikes it.

my mind reeling out of control. i had taken a step outward. the words that i read tapped into that depth of my brain that just hummed for days. my panties baring that wet spot every time i pull them down.

this morning i masturbated again. the intensity so thick as it oozed from me as i came. images that have been burned into my mind were frantic. my breathing quivered and my body shook with pure sex. my emotions flooded to the forefront causing me on the verge of tears. i took in a deep breath and let it shakily out. pulled down my wet, black panties and proceeded to shower.

today is red beneath my clothes. red for the desire that is running rampant within me. my panties baring yet another wet spot, this is just the sign of another day of arousal. it is not over and frankly i don’t want it to stop.

i want fingers shoved up inside me and my hair yanked backward. lips so close barely grazing the outline of my ear, whispering words so filthy that only god could hear. teeth combing down my neck ending with a bite. a hand grabbing and slapping at my ass. my eyes starring at you telling you what i need. my gasping reaffirming your actions are well chosen.

tie me

choke me

force me

use me

i know that you can take me to a different level. toying with darkness, fondling at the idea of wrong and right and seeing are there really limits between us? this untold understanding we both want this and much more then what we confess. are you afraid to confess to me? afraid i will wince and look away? i have only shared a fraction of the darkness that lurks deep within. i may make you wince or turn away if i let it escape my lips. my mind is truly pandora’s box with a lock and key. the key between my lips, do you want it? then i suggest you come get it. no hands.

i will leave it to you to unlock.

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this was all I needed to put me over the top tonight. thanks, gracie, now i’ll be able to sleep, dreaming of a key

Comment by Al Sensu 08.25.06 @ 12:00 am

I find it hard to believe there are actually females out there in the real world that think like this or are as sexually aroused as you are… I don’t deny their existance, I just happen to believe they are rarer than the most prescious stone. Anyway, interesting post. Almost arousing, but mind stimulating of course. I’ll be back to read more sometime.

Comment by Planeswalker 08.25.06 @ 7:32 am

al sensu – mmmm good al.

planeswalker – i am real flesh and blood. we do exist and it is not some strange legend. we are women that have peaked, we are women deviant from a young age, we are women that are open and non-judgemental.

Comment by Gracie 08.25.06 @ 10:22 am

Now I see why you pack a second set of panties in your purse!

What could see me to receiving a set of those soaked sweet panties?

Your fraction has been interesting to me. My fraction has been interesting to you. I wonder if the darkness yet to come will be interesting to the both of us. Or will one look away. Somehow I doubt it. You will have mail. I am typing it in between things today and will finish it tonight.

Comment by Pyrhonik 08.25.06 @ 5:40 pm

py – oh my, now you are asking for my wet panties? perhaps i should start some kind of store. i keep seeing those online. i do not think i could bring myself to doing that….yet. *smile*

i am glad that you enjoy my fraction. yes, i am not sure if you would turn away at the rest. that remains to be seen.

i look forward to your long awaited email. *wink*

have a great weekend.

Comment by Gracie 08.25.06 @ 7:11 pm

I was actually more interested in the tasking I would have to undertake for winning such a prize. I’m certain every handler between you and I would steal every last whiff of fragrance to be had. Money would have been boring, I expected something far more entrapping.

Have a great weekend! I’ll be working through this one.


Comment by Pyrhonik 08.25.06 @ 8:50 pm

py – ahhhh now it all makes sense. my dear py i am sure you are the only one that would want to smell my drenched panties. *wink*

you are right money would be boring. IF i WERE to establish something, perhaps it would be where everyone who participated would win. how you wonder? well you write me something absolutely delicious that you think would make my cream my panties. each entry gets a fresh pair of panties. you get the panties after i have read your entry. so the naughtier you write, the wetter i can get.

seems fair?

Comment by Gracie 08.25.06 @ 9:30 pm

hot post! very nice…

Comment by plum 08.28.06 @ 9:11 pm

I do love your blog. “whispering words so filthy that only god could hear.”…what remarkable wording.

mmmm that is my favorite line ever i do believe.

thank you.

Comment by Cha0sByDesign 04.12.07 @ 2:05 pm

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