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a cunt that won't sleep
Thursday September 21st 2006, 5:42 pm
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“come here i want to sleep with my hand on your pussy,” he whispers to me in the dark.

i move over to him as i lay on my stomach, wearing red, satin, string panties. his hand traces my pussy up and down. his hand rubs my silky ass. he keeps rubbing ever so lightly on my cunt. i lay still trying to fall asleep and be a “good girl”. i did not want to get aroused, not this late.

he pushes one side of my panties over to expose my left cheek. he lightly spanks it and i slightly pushed upwards slowly getting aroused. his hand pushes my panties back in place and he rubbed my ass more and migrated upward towards my back and it starts to rest on my back.

i let out a quiet groan, “i thought you were going to sleep with you hand on my pussy?”

“it’s a bad angle baby, you need to turn over.”

i turn over and position myself for him to allow access to my cunt. the thought of him sleeping with his hand on my cunt was alluring to me. i loved that thought. he pushes his hand underneath my panties and touches my cunt. i start to squirm to his touch. his hand travels up to my breasts as he plays with my nipples. he shifts to put his mouth on my hard right nipple as he sucks. i let out a breath. i wish he had not done that. i knew that was his cue to turn over and he does. i turn over on to my stomach to try to fall asleep now that he had my cunt warming and getting wet.

he must have read this is a bad sign. it was late and i knew better then to push for his physical attention. he gets up out of bed.

“no, it’s okay”, i plea.

he turns me over, sinks his fingers inside my cunt. i start hungrily groaning. i feel as if i am melting into the bed.

“get up,” he commands me.

i bend over the bed on my tippy toes with my face in the mattress. he pulls my panties down a little past my ass. my legs are slightly parted. i feel a smooth, cold dildo push into my cunt. more groaning from my throat. i grip the sheets.

“yeah that feels good huh?”

“did you talk to your slut today?” he asks.

“yes,” i groan.

“what did you talk about?” he asks.

my mind starts racing and darting back at our conversation. what do i tell him? i remember one thing in particular.

he asks me a second time. “what…did…you…talk about?” his tone getting very stern.

“he wanted to cum” i blurt out.

“did you let him?” he asks.

“no,” i groan.

“that’s not nice, how would you like it if i didn’t let you come?” he barks at me. “i should just not let you come huh?” as he pulls out the dildo.

i stand there quiet and shaking. i stand there waiting for several seconds. i cannot believe he is reacting in such a way to my online interactions. he shoves the dildo back in fucking me harder. i start yelping as the dildo hits the back of me over and over.

“you are such a fucking whore. you need to be punished.”

he takes his belt and starts smacking my ass with it while leaving the dildo inside of my cunt. he would then lay the belt on my back and fuck me with the dildo more. then he would grab the belt to leave more welts on my ass. i yelp and my right leg bends up reacting to the pain. he stops when my hand starts to reach back attempting to soothe the pain. his fingers dive into my wet cunt, with his other hand he pushes my ass part to stare at my asshole and i came on his fingers. he takes his cunt drenched fingers and starts to push them straight into my asshole…all the way in.

“yeah you got three fingers in your asshole, how does that feel?” he hisses.

i groan. i can feel him pushing inside of me deep. slowly fucking my ass that is only lubed with my cunt juices.

“i like stretching that little ass of yours,” he gloats.

slowly he pulls out of my ass. he gets up to get a wash cloth.

“spread them legs and shake that ass,” he barks before leaving the room.

i stand there swaying my ass from side to side. he comes back in and wipes me up.

“come here,” he whispers.

i stand in front of him timid. he takes me and bends me over his knee and face down on the bed. he beats each cheek red and to the point where i am yelping at each hit. he stops, pulls me up, bends me towards him with my hands resting on his thighs and he kisses me. his mouth moves to my neck as he bites around and down to my shoulders. i get so weak i fall to my knees in front of him. he grabs my face and pushes it upward so he can stare into my eyes. he pushes my face from side to side like he is inspecting me. he then pushes me into his stomach and i hug him.

i do not remember falling asleep. i just remember waking up this morning moist and without panties.

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Numerous times I too sleep with my hand over Ls’ cunt.

such a write up that i know what i am gonna do tonight !

Comment by kindabiz 09.21.06 @ 8:54 pm

Mmmmm yummy.. I know I would want to sleep with my hand on your cunt. 😉

Comment by Pandora 09.21.06 @ 10:41 pm

Wow . . . that dude can fry your brain. What imaginative expressions of his passion!

Comment by Cherrie 09.21.06 @ 10:53 pm

Bliss … SO wonderful to wake up not remembering how you got naked, dried up juices everywhere … Great post …

Comment by Aragorn 09.22.06 @ 4:54 am

gracie, that was quite vivid….
does your friend know what he brings out in you?

Comment by Edtime Stories 09.22.06 @ 4:59 am

This is a terrific story!

Have a great weekend!


Comment by Pyrhonik 09.22.06 @ 6:36 am

kindabiz – mmmm good. i like to hear that.

pan – oh would ya? mmmmmm.

cherrie – i think so at times. *wink*

aragorn – thank you love.

ed – mmhmmm he certainly does.

py – thank you and you have a hot weekend yourself!

Comment by Gracie 09.22.06 @ 9:37 am

Baby you are hot

Comment by stroker 09.22.06 @ 1:58 pm

Love it Gracie. Keep on tickin’ baby!

Comment by Mr. Husbland 09.22.06 @ 6:14 pm

You need a collar in your pictures, and I need a cold shower!
You have what it takes sweety, thats very rare!

Comment by Storm Rider 09.22.06 @ 8:18 pm

stroker – why thank you.

mister h – you know it! *bite*

storm rider – yes, i do, don’t i? thank you.

Comment by Gracie 09.23.06 @ 1:44 am

Wow what a great story. I can’t tell you how hot it makes me.

Comment by NaughtyNikki 09.26.06 @ 7:08 am

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