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Monday August 14th 2006, 8:06 pm
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yes, i have been quiet and that is because i am in satan’s asshole
(yes, i borrowed that from dane cook and no i am not at the dmv) and
the internet is not quite as high speed as claimed. so it is not like
it is worth blogging about my lack of sex or masturbation. i really
miss my home 3,000 miles away. airports suck ass and i absolutely hate
flying. okay, i am done whining.

luckily, i figured out how to post via email. for joy!

since i am unable to actually check blogs, please feel free to send me
emails with your lusty posts if you like or just send me an email.
that would put such a horny grin on my bitchy face. *smile* i miss my
addiction to blog land and my computer. most of all i miss all of you!

i keep finding guys starring at my chest and i know they are not
trying to read the name on my name tag. it is fun being a female in a
sea of men. granted most of them are older, married and well not so
hot. there are a few gems to stare at and one that keeps following me
around. i swear the waiter we had last night was trying to pick up on
us or he knew flattery would result in a good tip.

i will be home wednesday night. i absolutely can not wait and i am
counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds.

the night before i left E bent me over the bed, pulled my jeans down
without unbuttoning or unzipping them along with my panties. he then
proceeded to spank me. he was asking me if i would behave while i was
gone of course i answered “no”. E spanked me again and asked me again.
my answer “no” and he spanked me again. he stopped, said he wanted me
to be horny when i got back and i responded with “like that is ever a
problem”. E responded with “don’t get sassy with me”. i was really
hoping he would punish me but i was rushing around trying to pack and
there was just no time.

well my deviants i need some sleep. i wish you all a horny and lusty week.

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he shud have punished you !

Comment by kindabiz 08.21.06 @ 9:42 pm

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