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Saturday March 10th 2007, 6:52 pm
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i just got back from watching what i felt was a wonderful and visually stunning movie, 300. yes, this is a sex blog but ladies and gents there is something very sexual about watching highly fit men run over the weak. on our way back from the theater E and i marinated in what we just saw as we do when we see something worth talking about. of course it ended on the note of…”my wife is a freak sitting next to me getting off on this movie with her squirming and rubbing my hand.” yes, yes i am but i am not alone. women love to see strong men and strong men fight, i see it as endurance for the bedroom. what woman wouldn’t want that kind of interaction? why my favorites movies are the likes of “fight club”, “troy” and of course now “300”.

sure this movie has had a lot of hype but i was not disappointed by it. i have been itching to see this movie since cursed E showed me the trailer last year! i hate waiting for great things. i will be seeing it again this weekend. not only are the battles amazing but the spartan way of thinking is empowering. the women are not second class and it makes me want to rule the world. honestly to me this movie was a piece of art to watch: the colors, the scenes, the movements…breath taking. granted this is all my opinion and i am not a movie snob, i like what i like.

i have plenty of writing to do, now it is a matter of getting it out. it is probably almost better to run in reverse at this point. i have been highly sexual lately and so much that it may all just become one blur when i sit down to write it. i have been charged again with my need to fuck and get off. all though i am walking around sore and at times “forgetting” to even eat i still hunger for more. as if my need to come is more then enough to nourish me. at least i remember to drink water.

so don’t for one minute think that i am doing “nothing” and there is a lull in my corner. oh no, no, no my dears it is quite the opposite.

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A film break is good,especially if the film is about Spartans; I’ve often wondered what it would have been like to experience a Spartan sexually. Plutarch’s writings on Spartans are interesting, their philosophies differed, and the role of Spartan women differed from Athenian women. One of the mating rituals or marriage/courtship rituals involved men staging an abduction, where they’d steal the woman (and possibly do her in the process), whereas in Athens, female citizens (as opposed to non citizens) lived a life of oppression, their lives dictated by their male relatives. Spartan women could marry, buy property, divorce, and when the men were away, as they often were, during times of war (like the longest being the 27 year Peloponnesian War), women weren’t expected to remain faithful. It’s a part of ancient history that’s always interested me because my father’s side of the family is from that region of Greece, and 300 is one of the films that’s on my list to see, it’s just come out here as well.

mmmmm i would have loved being a spartan woman. i do not know much about it but i like what you are telling me. enjoy the movies, i do hope that you do.

Comment by Anastasia 03.10.07 @ 9:48 pm

The movie was indeed stunning. Even I had to appreciate the fitness on display… there were enough six-packs there to keep a fraternity party going for a whole weekend :-).

please keep in mind i am not one to salivate over highly fit men. i am thinking it was the whole package and situation that aroused me. six packs have never “done” it for me. i need something so much deeper. i need thought patterns, ideas, creativity and the spartans could have looked like anything else and i would have found them so alluring.

Comment by Dausa 03.11.07 @ 1:39 am

I’m glad you enjoyed it, I’m seeing it tonight on an IMAX screen and can’t wait. I wanted to sneak out of work on Friday to see it, but that just didn’t happen. But I’ve been hearing about this one for a few years and can’t wait. Although I must admit I am not as interested in the Spartan men, their culture and way of life is fascinating in so many ways.

don’t get me wrong Art, i love the culture and way of life. i was so tongue tied yesterday i could not convey it. hehe, goes to show what was stuck on my mind. but i got the fucked this morning so i can think straight for now. *wink*

i am jealous you are going to see it on IMAX…hmmmm i need to find one. let me know it looks.

Comment by ArtfulDodger 03.11.07 @ 9:26 am

I saw 300 last night. Fucking awesome. It was the best cinematography I have ever seen. Each frame was so composed, so like art. I loved it. (And I completely agree. I love Fight Club and Troy for similar reasons…and Brad Pitt). It was a visually stunning and yes, stimulating movie.

I can’t wait to read more sex. πŸ˜‰

i am glad you enjoyed it chris too!

yes, i have been avoiding writing for some reason. perhaps i will be able to spit something out tomorrow. *sigh*

Comment by Chris 03.11.07 @ 1:12 pm

Saw it last night and IMAX is THE way to see it, Whoa! It actually lived up to my expectations, which almost nothing ever does. They are always impossibly high. This is as close to a male orgasm on screen as I have ever seen. I’ll probably end up seeing it a few more times this week with all my friends that haven’t seen it yet. πŸ™‚ And yes, the men are very sexy.

you sold me on the IMAX experience. i already bought our tickets for next weekend. mmmmmm.

Comment by ArtfulDodger 03.12.07 @ 7:29 am

I agree – it’s a brilliant film, and I see your point about the struggle for control. True raw passion, when eloquently conveyed, moves the spirit, gets the blood flowing, in a way analogous to our normal fare from you, so the post seems entirely consistent. Starving to hear about all this starvation to which you have alluded…

i haven’t starved a bit…what about you tom?

Comment by Tom 03.12.07 @ 1:49 pm

You are right. The images of those strong men taking control and run over the weak is so freaking hott.

yes, yes. i am glad you agree as well.

Comment by bosteen 03.12.07 @ 6:14 pm

I’ve been dying to see that! Good thing we didn’t go together or we would have been too busy making out in the back row to watch the movie.

Or maybe that wouldn’t have been such a bad thing πŸ˜‰


making out with you…always a GOOD thing.

goddamn can you imagine how wet and how much noise we would make?


Comment by Desire X 03.13.07 @ 8:41 pm

I’m another woman that loved this movie. And it was so cool how the king treated his wife as an equal. Still, there was so much to not like about their culture: throwing the babies that are weak or deformed over a cliff and ripping the 7 year old boys from their momma’s sides. Still, the way they did things, as much as it makes me shudder, did produce some awesome warriors. That culture could not have had warriors like that without those extreme measures.

survival of the fittest my dear.

very true.


Comment by dirty filthy princess 03.14.07 @ 8:01 pm

I am trying to get one of my house-bound buddies to see it with me. I may just have to grab a sexy stranger and take him.

Troy was quite entrancing, as B.P embodied a person that was so damn forceful. I was pleasantly surprised.

I am anxious to see the big giant Xerxes. Wonder if I could have done anything useful with him….


i do hope you see it. i think it is much better then Troy as far as wet panties go.

Comment by liras 03.14.07 @ 11:02 pm

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